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Many TV and other mass media, are conscious of the power that they have in the society, many people say that even more power than the own Government, I believe it certenly.


Many journalists and many of which they compose mass media, not all,  think them are superiors, watch to you over the shoulder but this is not the bad thing, there everyone with his principles and values, pity by them, will be the own life or the one of above that they teach modal the basic ones to them. What this very badly and is what ethically it would not be due to allow, is when the TV and other mass media taking advantage the force and power that to them the popularity provides, falsify, lie, manipulates and distorts to its convenience the diverse daily news that they are leaving day to day in the society. Even if it is necessary pisotean, they humiliate, they abuse and they ultrajan in many occasions the most elementary rights of the citizen and any alive being as in the case of the animal, without concerning the negative consequences to them of all nature that can cause to them, besides the impotence that undergoes the person like individual by not being able to make to absolutely defend not even its dignity and honor.


This is the main reason of the creation of this page Web, power to have a place I publish where the victims of the TV and other mass media by diverse causes, not only of the subject of the dogs if not of any daily subject of the society and the same life, we pruned to defend publicly showing without censorship nor cuts to us our testimony and our truth (especially when it is a right cause to the benefit of the defenseless ones), for this way somehow resisting the “Truth” (manipulation, falsification, extortion) of the TV and other mass media that do against the right cause which we defend. The TV and other mass media, unfortunately nowadays are those that please have the monopoly of the thought and most of the society, including many politicians and governors, in damage almost always of the citizen like individual. 


We need your testimony it happened than you TO HELP other people who compose the society, to make include the society how it works the TV and mass media, this way we will make merit our rights and it will at least make us feel well by it to have tried. Those that we have undergone the blows of the TV and other mass media, we would have TO BE UNITED against them to make them lose force so that individually it is impossible task. Publishing in the Web of NO LONGER I BELIEVE IN the TV several testimonies of different people (that they can give faith of the veracity of its testimony in a while determined), with diverse subjects (since I have done in my case, being the first testimony and hope that of many, which in the part inferior of this page will be able to read it), explaining and describing publicly with all the details of each case, to near the so enormous injustice that the person at issue or her loved beings committed against, we will be able to make include many people who our right cause, the one who are, are not as she informs the TV or other mass media no, rather he is exactly at least different opposite or.


When having the occasion and the opportunity to explain publicly what really it happened to us, are when the people or the society will understand that the TV and other means do not inform to us into the truth, will include that they are limited to inform to us into his “truth”, which is exactly the one that agrees to them and this in very few occasions agrees with the truth without quotation marks.


In addition, UNITING to carry out the defense to US of the weak ones against the powerful ones as it is it the TV and many journalists of any means, is to do a great favor to them, since to many of them it is going to them to come wonderfully, will be one cures of humility that with which, some does not fit doubt that their person and his individual I of each of them, would win spiritually very many. I hope that this last one does not discourage to tell you to your history J





Web of ALREADY I DO NOT BELIEVE IN THE TV http://www.facebook.com/pages/Already-I-do-not-believe-in-the-TV-Ya-no-creo-en-la-TV/105298616201823?v=wall


                      Already I do not believe in the TV  

In the first place to give tod@s the WELCOME is this modest one and humble Web in called Facebook “NO LONGER I BELIEVE IN the TV”, project that can consider like his own one, since the accomplishment of the same, will consist of a task of tod@s the interested ones that they wish therefore it.

The creation of this project through the page Web “ALREADY I DO NOT BELIEVE IN THE TV”, has had by the so enormous abuse that they realise many journalists of many mass media, to only inform to the society and into the form that to them come to them in desire, that is to inform what to them and to them it only interests to them, is not another thing that to gain hearing = to make money, although for it they have to distort, to manipulate, to pisotear, to humiliate or to lie in its news to the defenseless and impotent citizens whom the Chinese touches to them. This would not have to work thus, non Sir.



Working to make money is I bid and normal, but when it crosses the border of the common sense, the reason, enough and the truth, we are already speaking of another type of very different subject, where the injustices are shown in which the citizen of on foot of street cannot make nothing defend itself, feels impotent before the injustice that contemplates with its own eyes, nothing else and anything less than in TV.



Accidentally in yesterday, speaking about the breed dogs criminalized or satanized with my friend journalist, which works in a very well-known newspaper in Madrid of National distance, he told me; “Mariano we have order strict of above, that when we are without the news that to offer in the day that is, to generate it, that we resort to the attacks of dogs, so that every day many attacks of dog to the people exist in Spain. The breed of the dog that attacks or as if its is racially mixed, of hunting is equal or than it is, it must give us equal, if it has little hair and it attacks is worth to a person to notify us because that dog was a PIT BULL. This way we secured the new of public interest and that they are more saleable, therefore than they contribute to the newspaper majors benefits. Also we have order of which if the dog is of black color, to say that the dog was a Rottweiler”.



It asks to him that if to it seemed to him well that way to work, deceiving its faithful hearing. I answer myself that it did not seem well to him, but that it seemed worse to have left itself without eating, so that of not doing it of to that they threw way without doubting it of the work.


By my experience in particular, it no longer makes believe me in the news that offer the news of the TV or other mass media, to such an extent that I have been 11 years without seeing them. My eyes were abrieron, as a result of the injustice that this committing with the dogs pertaining to some canine races in the TV and other mass media from 1999. From even before that year, the news of the Spanish TV began to lie and to look for the morboso and amarillista side of these unfortunate accidents, to feed the macabre side from their hearing and to return to them addict to the news of their Channel or Transmitter.


At present they are known like races PPP (Razas Potencialmente Peligrosas), included with so absurd, unjust, racist, discriminatory denomination in, stupid and ineffective Law PPP of Spain from the 23 of December of 1999. Among others questions that do not come to the case, this Law PPP also was fed by the farce that spilled the TV and other mass media on some noble and wonderful canine races and their responsible proprietors. Like not disillusioning of the news of the TV Truth?



Of other subjects certainly I will not understand too much, but there is something in this life that if that understands, that subject is the dogs and their races, and especially the canine race American PIT BULL Terrier. After more than 40 years between dogs, like not understanding. American PIT BULL Terrier, is the mistreated and persecuted canine race more of all the races that are CRIMINALIZED at the moment, as much by ineffective Law PPP, like by many people who demonstrate to their ignorance being believed everything what they see especially in TV and like no, the most mistreated and persecuted by the TV and other mass media, which are those that is in charge to most of feed the minds on the people who compose our society, at the cost of criminalizing to noble and wonderful canine races. By the negative operational range that produces these, the harmful and dangerous “mentalities of holders”, harmful and dangerous are even generated between the members of the society for the own society, not only for the dogs.  The American Pit Bull Terrier, the breed dog more criminalized of all.


In the following studies realised in IADCRO, we can observe the so peculiar way in detail that it must to work the TV and mass media. After observing these connections, I believe that you will understand better the reason of my disappointment with the news of the TV and other mass media:

This is one of the reasons of so that the APBT has as much bad fame, unwarranted one by its position;  


3) Detailed information of the case of the boy passed away in Pazos de Borbén (Pontevedra), where the TV and rest of bad mass media informed into which the dog that produced the attack and the death of the boy was a American PIT BULL Terrier, when in fact it was not it: http://www.iadcro.com/pontevedra.html

4) Detailed information of the case of the boy passed away in Tenerife, where the TV and rest of mass media, evil informed into which the dog that produced the attack and the death of the boy was a American PIT BULL Terrier, when in fact it was not it:




5) Two Rottweiler attack a boy. What say the politicians through Law PPP  and some journalists on the matter?.



And besides all the previous one that indicates clearly the reasons of so that NO LONGER I BELIEVE IN the TV nor other mass media, I facilitate the truthful information to them to near the races that they themselves have criminalized like free of charge Dangerous, since this information by obvious reasons is not nor is offered in mass media, for whom them could interest this subject of the dogs;  Information of IADCRO: http://www.iadcro.com/iadcrofb.html

VIDEO of the breeds that has criminalized the TV and other mass media: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mdUJIhxZQoQ


VIDEO of “Panda” American PIT BULL Terrier against “Chaman” the kitten: http://es.youtube.com/watch?v=OM0kjSKbw0k&feature=user


What they have been able to see in these videos, is the truth and the reality of the races that the TV and other mass media, CRIMINALIZE like the DANGEROUS races, the races that are due to eliminate, thus so that if. Million citizens are created all the news that leave in the TV and other means, being this the reason reason why they are scared of the dogs and as a result of this, this great amount of lambs, ignorant marionettes and without own personality, begin to ask their respective politicians that eliminate the dogs pertaining to a series of noble and wonderful canine races, exactly the races that the TV and other means CRIMINALIZE or SATANIZAN. Usually one says, that more bond an image than thousand words and with these videos has seen enough images.



It could put to them infinity of videos and news articles of American PIT BULL Terrier and the rest of criminalized races, carrying out tasks of rescue and rescue of people, realising works of therapy with physical and psychic handicappeds, carrying out works of dog lazarillo for invidentes and deaf people, realising old therapies with and special people, etc. etc.



Besides the effect I dominate and the ill-disposed advising of some advisers, the so particular way to work of many TV and other mass media, is one of the main reasons of so that the politicians of several countries create Laws to criminalize and next to exterminate to these races, especially to American PIT BULL Terrier, discriminating them and criminalizing them nothing else and nothing less than by LAW, but with the eagerness not palliating or to at least reduce the attacks of dog to the citizens not (so that all the races and mestizos of any size attack if they have irresponsible proprietors, which gave to bad education and evil them control), rather to give the reason them like to the idiots, giving them a light tap of complicity in the back, with the aim of GAINING the VOTES OF THESE IGNORANT ones THAT ARE CREATED EVERYTHING WHAT THEY SEE IN the NEWS OF the TV.



In my opinion, I believe that unfortunately for the humanity the TV and other mass media, already lost the values and the feelings that differentiate the humans from the animal. Lamentably and as a result of this last one, I create is the main reason of the much negatividad that surrounds the humanity nowadays, mainly the lost one in the person of innocence and the love.


In the case of the dogs pertaining to the races that the mass media CRIMINALIZED like the DANGEROUS races, as a result of this was created SOCIAL ALARM and they were even sacrificed to thousands of them being noble dogs, healthy and even puppies. Other so many of thousands of dogs were left to their bad luck, having perished 99% of them of thousand different ways that it is not worth the pain nor to mention.



This type of sad and unfortunate events, was due to the lies and lies that spilled the TV and other means, and today at present even even continue doing it as if nothing had happened, throwing pedradas to kill against the dogs and the proprietors responsible for eight noble and wonderful canine races as they are; American PIT BULL Terrier, Staffordshire BulI Terrier, American Staffodshire Terrier, Rottweiler, Argentine Bulldog, Brazilian Row, Tosa Inu and Akita Inu.



Even in the request that from IADCRO we realised the present Spanish Government, it is possible to be appreciated like in the present Law PPP (who besides unjust, racist, discriminatory and ineffective, also harms the right of the property of the citizen), those that they compose the present Spanish Government give shelter, they allow and THEY FOMENT I MISTREAT ANIMAL, and if they do not create it watch it with his own eyes: http://www.iadcro.com/solicitudgobierno.html


For some reasons, it is reason why in this day of today 26 of September of 2010, I have created this Web in facebook ALREADY I DO NOT BELIEVE IN THE TV, to somehow resist the influence and the enormous one to be able but in negative, that has the TV in the citizens and the politicians of any society in any country.  er


This negative way to work on the part of many journalists, has taken to the conviction of which this dirty way to work that they have many journalists they similarly do, it in the rest of subjects whom they do not have to do with the dogs, daily subjects of the society of the day to day, subjects of the same life, and this

it reinforces that DEBERIAMOS NOT TO BELIEVE IN EVERYTHING WHAT the TV SAYS, by not being healthful for our mind, our personality and that does not allow to develop to the BEING I myself us, so necessary our being and our growth in vital and very important aspects of our lives.



This is the main reason of the creation of this Web, so that tod@s those that we have our own bad and negative experiences with the TV or other mass media we expose, them in this Web of ALREADY I DO NOT BELIEVE IN THE TV and serve as example, TO HELP TO BE ON the AWARES TO which they undergo the negatividad of the TV and other means, without knowing like resolving it to surpass it, getting to them even to create psychological traumas of all nature, when not existing anything in the style of this Web that can help them or guide to surpass it suitably in a while certain.


As step, to which we cheer up to tell to our bad experiences with the TV or other average ones to unmask publicly its negative ways “to work”, besides helping others, also it will serve to us same as a route of relief and therapy, by knowledge that we have the option and the possibility of being able to expose in the Web of ALREADY I DO NOT BELIEVE IN THE TV, Integra and publicly EVERYTHING what we want to reflect in her and that in other means we could not do it, they would censure so that it or distort to his own benefit. In ALREADY I DO NOT BELIEVE IN THE TV, not only we dealed with the subject the criminalized canine races, by all means that no, to secure the objective that we looked for, we must treat all the possible daily subjects that the citizens unjustly undergo because of the TV and other mass media, are of where they are.



All that we set out our negative experiences with the TV and other mass media here we will have something common, it will be that the right cause by which we fought is manipulated and vetoed to count of the real way as happened in TV and other mass media, so that it does not interest that the TRUTH for diverse reasons spreads. In short, the TV and other direct mass media or indirectly have beaten to us and continue doing it in the present, for the simple and praiseworthy reason, of our RIGHT obstinacy in defending one or several causes.

In honor to the PROFESSIONALISM and especially in honor to the TRUTH, the news would be due to contrast before emitting them in TV and far from it to invent them or to alter them to its own benefit, in search of the DISEASE and the SENSATIONALISM AMARILLISTA that offer to their hearing and this produces as much economic benefit to them, but also produces the SOCIAL ALARM, with its refusals and diverse consequences for the people and the animal that we lived in her.



Please tell us your case, all we must unmask publicly by good of the right causes and the own society, the bad and negative attitude of the TV and other mass media at the time of informing to the citizens. If it wishes it, also page can to inform to near this Web to his relatives or friendly, for if it is of his affability, that their experiences with the TV or any other mass media tell us here, to help us to unmask ruin and the so stingy way publicly that it has the TV and other mass media “to work” and this as well, will help other many people TO BE ON HIS AWARES with respect to the news of the TV and other mass media, everything cannot one be believed what they tell us, WANT TO MANIPULATE to US AND THAT WE ARE ITS ROBOTS AND MARIONETTES. YOU ARE SAME, does not allow that they decide by you neither that manipulate his mind nor its thoughts.

In the Web of “ALREADY I DO NOT BELIEVE IN THE TV” can publish everything what it wishes, here was not vetoed neither will manipulate its voice nor its TRUTH if for of educated way.

If you wish to show in the main WALL of the Web of “ALREADY I DO NOT BELIEVE IN THE TV” his case in particular, she can do it of the following way;


First it publishes in the Web its case or its history, which will appear in the WALL of “OTHERS”. After this, indíqueme please that also wishes that the message of its case, which already is published in the WALL of “OTHERS”, this visible one also in the main WALL of the Web of ”ALREADY I DO NOT BELIEVE IN THE TV “and I will add by far pleasure to it.

If they wish to indicate some information to me than it is, of any daily subject of the life not only of dogs, where the TV or other mass media have abused you, of some dear being or some of its known friendly or, they can make it to me arrive by private or sending it to me by email to iadcro@iadcro.com  

Ayúdennos please to spread the Web of “ALREADY I DO NOT BELIEVE IN THE TV” through Method IADCRO http://www.iadcro.com/diffusion.html of its contacts, pages Web, forums, places of Internet, etc. to help TO BE ON the AWARES to the people, to unmask the bad way and bad ways to work of the TV and other mass media. 

This way, we will be able to offer the opportunity to all those that need to be relieved at the same time and, to demonstrate and to help to be on the awares to those people who are blind and create to the 100%, everything what they see and they listen in mass media. I believe that we will do a great favor facilitating to them this information, which I believe especially that they will be thankful to a great extent more ahead, when realize as it works the TV and mass media in general terms, at the time of offering the news to the citizens.


Finally to say, that the criticism that we are realising to the TV and other mass media, goes directed unique and exclusively to the news that in them are emitted, since as or knows you exist illustrative programs, sports, documentary, entertainments, etc. that obvious that they would not enter within the criticism of the Web “ALREADY I DO NOT BELIEVE IN THE TVcriticism only makes reference to the news, since as or you say illustrative programs, sports, documentary, entertainments, etc. etc. exist that are obvious that they would not enter within the criticism.


I wait for and desire that the project of the Web of “ALREADY I DO NOT BELIEVE IN THE TV”, serves for the relief, consolation and therapy of many and the aid of all, especially so that all we pruned to put our sand granite to be able to make a society better.
Thanks to all.

Mariano Peinado
IADCRO, SOLIDARITY AND DEFENSE FOR ALL THE ANIMAL ALREADY: http://www.iadcro.com/defenceallanimals.html   




Much would be thanked if somebody could translate well to us the information that takes shelter in this page. This way we will be able to arrive more far and to help many more people. You can send translation to us a: iadcro@iadcro.com  Thank you in advance.




The following five Web sites in Facebook, are friendly places, so that they work for the same cause, spreading suitably and truthfully to the citizens of the different countries, the information of the breed dogs that so ruin and vilely HAS BEEN CRIMINALIZED and CRUCIFIED in the society by the TV and other mass media and the own BSL, by to have had the bad faith to distort and to manipulate the real information of these breeds, with the intention of deceiving and confusing the society to leave hostilely with this breeds, at the cost of the noble and defenseless animal and their impotent responsible owners.  

For this reasons, we recommended to you these Web sites and we would request to you please for to the diffusion through IADCRO Method, to fortify the work that in them is realised to the benefit of all our dogs, the responsible owners and the right causes.

As usually they say, “UNITED WE STAND”.


1) S.O.S. AMERICAN PIT BULL TERRIER & Others BREEDS in BSL. IADCRO. www.iadcro.com

2) IADCRO SPAIN www.iadcro.com






                      Already I do not believe in the TV  




Web of ALREADY I DO NOT BELIEVE IN THE TV http://www.facebook.com/pages/Already-I-do-not-believe-in-the-TV-Ya-no-creo-en-la-TV/105298616201823?v=wall







Also we asked ourselves:



In order to advance by the correct way for ALL, first we must have the eyes well open for not to encounter, since to some bad people not interests them that will open our eyes. They want our eyes closed, is easy to understand. Right?

Evidences than happened in the 11-$. Also we asked ourselves:


Questions badly realised like the BSL, DDA, PPP Law, etc. about, Dangerous breed dogs? Is more than demonstrated even SCIENTIFICALLY, that DANGEROUS BREED DOGS DO NOT EXIST. Also subjects like this Video, where be unmasks the plot that exists behind the subject of PETROLEUM. What is happening? They take us by idiots people by far. No longer we will be stupid, nor marionettes OF ANYBODY.


In the following video, be unmasks some of the existing plots behind the interests of the PETROLEUM, which badly developed entail much negative to the humanity, like for example to enslave the citizens, the extermination of thousands of animal species, to contaminate rivers, seas, the oceans, our planet in general, etc.:  


VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nsJAlrYjGz8 


Spanish VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ts6VQCgIK9g


The George Bush family, is one of the higher petroliferous trading that exist for many years. Is very understand that them has done, does and will do everything what will be in their hands, even playing dirty for to continue consuming petroleum and to the highest prices, for this way continuing in the elite and having controlled the citizens, even to the Governments of the different societies from each country to which these citizens belong.


The majority of the Bush predecessors and right now his successor Obama in the EE.UU. presidency, are in the same place of the abuser and his partners of the dark side; Rockefeller, the real houses, presidents of Government, industralists, bankers, politicians, etc. etc.


All them conform the elite of the dark side and use Petroleum, the “Legal” traffic of armament, drugs, etc. to make sure OVER EVERYTHING and ALL to continue being in the elite to manipulate the world at his convenience.


In the case of “the Legal” traffic of armament that they realise it, to sell it to the countries that are in wars that they themselves caused in very intelligent and subtle way, to sell the armament that they make, etc. Is easy to understand. They have to us very deceived and MANIPULATED. The bad ones are not so bad and the good ones are not so good, as they want to make believe to us in the mass media.


The existing plots with the PETROLEUM interests and their crazy raised constants, have enough to do with the present economic crisis, since the ascent of petroleum makes raise the rest of the products that consumes the citizen and the wages remain congealed, supposing that they do not dismiss to you directly of the place where you work, of course.


Price of the barrel of crude in 2003 = 25 dollars, 2008 = 125 dollars; Image: http://www.flickr.com/photos/54836034@N03/5358939094/in/photostream 


As always the abuser and his partners deceiving to the citizen, at cost of our health, of our children and their future, at the cost of the health and well-being of the animal, of the MOTHER NATURE, DESTROYING OUR PLANET, to become rich they, who only compose the 2% of the world-wide population.


THE JUSTIFICATION”. What it did not tell to the TV - The Evidences than happened in the 11-$


What it happened the 11-$ in fact, it was a ATTACKS GLIDED BY THE USA GOVERNMENT for this way having the perfect excuse to rob petroleum to some countries, like Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. among others questions that benefit to the abuser and his elite, dragging with himself to other countries like Spain, Italy, Portugal, Francia, Alemania, etc. to enter too in war for his benefit, with the citizens damage of this countries:


What happened the 11-$ in fact, it was ATTACKS GLIDED AND REALISED BY THE USA GOVERNMENT, for this way theirs have the perfect excuse and justification for to rob the petroleum of some countries, like Iraq, Afghanistan, etc., among others questions that benefit to the abuser and his elite, dragging with wise picardy to itself to other countries like Spain, Italy, Portugal, France, Germany, etc. also to enter in war for his own benefit, in damage of the citizens of these countries.


This last one, is the birth reasoning of the World-wide crisis that we are suffering at the moment, because we have not leaders who work by and for their citizens, instead are working like dummys in the benefit of the “powerful” abuser:


THE TRUTH OF THE 11-$: http://es.babelfish.yahoo.com/translate_url?doit=done&tt=url&intl=1&fr=bf-res&trurl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.investigar11s.org&lp=es_en&btnTrUrl=Traducir

Original Web site In Spanish: http://www.investigar11s.org 


VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ji7GVU3hVNQ 


The GREATER NEVER COUNTED LIE (10º anniversary of 11$):

VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pp48tEmsLpQ&feature=fvwp&NR=1


The French people also have been saw it:

VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m9oJfprlB9g&feature=related 


http://investigar11s.blogspot.com/2011/10/guerra-de-libia-jesus-quintero-el-loco.html (Spanish) (Jesús Quintero "El loco soy yo" entrevista en vídeo a Isabel Pisano)


http://antimperialista.blogia.com/temas/11s-autoatentado.php (Spanish) (Pruebas diversas con datos e informes científicos, los cuales demuestran que el 11 S fue un AUTOATENTADO)







In Spanish and original Web site: http://www.iadcro.com/1.html 




In Spanish and original Web site: http://www.iadcro.com/2.html 


3) THEY MANIPULATE TO US THROUGH MASS MEDIA: http://es.babelfish.yahoo.com/translate_url?doit=done&tt=url&intl=1&fr=bf-res&trurl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.iadcro.com%2F19june.html&lp=es_en&btnTrUrl=Traducir

In Spanish and the original Web site: http://www.iadcro.com/19june.html


ELITE STRATEGIES TO MANIPULATE THE CITIZEN MINDS: http://www.iadcro.com/11estrategiasmanipulacion.html


News and Opinions: http://www.iadcro.com/news.html
News by Chapters: http://www.iadcro.com/capitulos.html




If after investigating by this or another places, you do not find the answers that as much long time are you looking for to calm your inner peace, your mind, your spirit and your soul, we think that perhaps you can obtain it meditating and analyzing the keys that appear in this other place:


http://www.villaliberty.org/yoylaverdad-meandthetrue.html  GOOD LUCK and FORCE.