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Breed specific legislation failing globally



In the FIRST IADCRO INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS about BSL, has been demonstrated scientifically the nonexistence of Dangerous or Potentially Dangerous breeds dogs. http://www.iadcro.com/informationcongress.html



First of all, we want to make clear that as much all that we compose the International Federation the members, and like Institution who we have the honor to direct, we are totally against the fights of dogs. In this section of the fights of dogs, we would want to inform so that one in one go begins to speak with property, mainly when one talks about of the attacks of dogs to people, who the personage who prepares a dog to fight foments the aggressiveness to him towards other dogs, but not towards the people.

With this I want to say, that dogs that uses to fight are not the guilty of the attacks that takes place towards the people, like are making believe to us mass media and some animal protectors, that speak of a subject in which they demonstrate a great ignorance, thus to acquire a gratuitous protagonism. In order to understand better what we are exposing, we only must observe the dogs that have attacked people in our country, no of them was preparation to fight with other dogs, but they were trained by bad trainers without no degree to attack people, or simply they were educated badly by his respective irresponsible owners, giving to all type of accidents. In this section of the trainers, from the International Federation always has advised to all the Institutions that we know would have to prohibit to the individuals to train his dogs to attack people, only being allowed to the forces security and special bodies of the state who work with dogs and to the trainers who own an official degree with a minimum of credibility.

In order to finish with this section of the fights of dogs, we would want to clarify that breed dogs of fight do not exist, all the breeds in his origins were created for some type of work. What yes exist dogs fighter as individuals, that non breeds, pertaining to endless of breed dogs which like individuals and because of their owners they prepared them to fight and they made later them to fight, that is why are dog fighter. For to do more comprehensible it we will put an example; They exist infinity of cars of races of very diverse marks, but that does not mean level that those marks of cars are of races, simple and, is those cars are preparation to them to compete and later they have competed in races, which has catalogued to them like individuals, that are cars of races. In this example, the cars of races will be the dogs fighter and the marks of the cars of races will be the breeds of those dogs fighter, but always like individuals.


The Association veterinary of Madrid (A.M.V.A.C.) and the Association veterinary of Barcelona (A.C.U.A.C.), have declared publicly that dangerous breed dogs do not exist, including the American Pit Bull Terrier, that everything will depend so that the dogs are dangerous or no, on the education that to them theirs owners provide.


Ethology is a branch of psychology animal. Like science of the customs, it studies the behavior of the animal in his natural means, in this case, the breed dogs and the cross among them. Several Spanish ethologos have showed publicly that dangerous breed dogs do not exist, that everything will depend so that if the dog is dangerous or not of the surroundings in which it grows up, and by all means of the received education. Also the ethologos emphasize, the non convenience of classifying breed dogs that catalogue them of negative way.





Several Spanish naturalists have pronounced themselves exactly just as the ethologos.


The university professors specialized in genetic animal, also have pronounced publicly on the matter, arguing exactly just like the ethologos and adding that in rare circumstances, in spite of to have given a good education to the dog, this could be aggressive by nature independent of the breed dog to which it belongs, because this same one happens by all means with all the animal species and also with the human species, because where exists a brain gives rise to the possibility of some type of upheaval.


 The Endangered Breed Associatión (Association of breed dogs in Danger of Extinction), Organism International recognition has been pronounced on the matter declaring, that dangerous breed dogs does not exist and has catalogued to the American Pit Bull Terrier like a breed dog in extinction danger, by two reasons: 1º- By the great unwarranted persecution that suffers in some countries so that it is extinguished under very rigorous and injust Laws. 2º- By the great amount of crossings that are realised with other breed dogs very similar physically to the American Pit Bull Terrier, and that soon are sold like authentic American Pit Bull Terrier.


The International Society of Examinations of Canine Temperament in relation to the people, also is enough surprised when it receives the news that some severe measured country that another taking against some certain breed dogs. His President, Mr. Alfons Stels has declared in some mass media, the non existence of dangerous breed dogs and if there were to catalogue some breed like dangerous, that serious without no type of doubts human race. After to have realised this Society temperament examinations evaluating to the dogs the relation sociability and balance with the people, to the almost 500 canine breeds, the most popular than circulate in any country and by all means also they are including the American Pit Bull Terrier, his President says the following thing; “The average of approved in all the breed dogs to be related to the human being is of a 77%, nevertheless, the approved average of the American Pit Bull Terrier is of 87%”; Stressing that these authentic examinations have taken place to the American Pit Bull Terrier and not to the cross dogs that soon calls them American Pit Bull Terrier and on the other hand stresses, that 13% of American Pit Bull Terrier which they suspend in the examinations in spite of physically being equipped very well, are rather less aggressive than 23% of the suspensions of the other breed dogs.


After especially observing the examinations realised by the International Society of Examinations of Canine Temperament and to the American Pit Bull Terrier (A.P.B.T.), we can appreciate that do not exist dangerous breeds and on the other hand we can understand that the character of APBT (after to be bombed like assassin by the mass media cataloguing them as very dangerous even) he is very sociable, good and affectionate with the people. In order to understand better, if it fits, and yet the rigor zootechnical, we must explain the policy that were used in the selection of breeding of this breed dog since were created since breed for 500 years ago.


Ever since APBT were been originating myself as canine race for 500 years ago, as much the breeders of long ago as the breeders of nowadays, ALWAYS took like LAW rejecting of the breeding those units that could show to the minimum gesture of aggressiveness without reason some towards the human. By this way and after 500 years under this Law, it is especially rarest that this breed dog attack to the human, since that goes against his own nature.


The A.P.B.T were created to develop all type of works enough adverse (not being in mind of cinófolos of long ago, that this new breed dog was used to fight with those of his specie), that in the times long ago needed with great necessity and the conventional dogs could not develop suitably, works like for example: 1º- the greater hunting (allowing hundreds of families to be able to eat). 2º- Extermination of great plagues of rats (avoiding of that way endless of epidemics and diseases that had whipped to the society). 3º- was used to them to extract the coal of the difficult mines of long ago, making carts to them to size so that they could carry out his work (indeed from this work the sport of the weightpulling comes to them, that nowadays as much practices). 4º- used them to the butchers to catch their head of cattle, either to put to them the tattoo corresponding, or, to give sacrifice them (saving enough time to them to finalize his task and offering great security to them for these professionals). 5º- The APBT was doing several works of the time, where the APBT always worked for benefit of the humanity.




The APBT is not a recognized like breed?: www.fiapbt.net/notrecognized.html

The origins of the APBT:  www.fiapbt.net/origins.html

- The work with the APBT: www.fiapbt.net/5.html

- Differences of the APBT and their derivations of nowadays, the AST and the SBT: www.fiapbt.net/ingles16.html

- Statistical Officials of attacks of dogs to people: www.fiapbt.net/statistics.htm

We have wanted to show the origins of APBT, because this breed do not originate to fight, as much people argue by ignorance. The APBT was created unique and exclusively for the work that the human wanted to entrust to them, combining it with the balance and sociability towards the human.


The qualities and virtues own the APBT and their facility to mold them for any type of work, by very rare that it could seem to us, given extreme intelligence that own the dogs of this breed, evidently nowadays no longer are used to APBT for the works that was created the breed in long ago, but they are used for another type of works but chords to the times in which we lived and very beneficial for the society, like for example: 1º- Rescue of people (saving the life to many people annually). 2º- Intervention dogs for the police (stopping to delinquents by means of the impact to the body). 3º- Dogs for blind people and deaf people (they give to the view and the ear to these physical disabled people). 4º- Dogs of aid to physical and psychic handicappeds (they make recover the joy to live to these handicappeds). 5º- Therapies with old and young people (they offer everything to them besides his disinterested company). and many works but, always to the benefit of the humanity. By all this, the International American Pit Bull Terrier Federation has catalogued officially to the breed dog American Pit Bull Terrier, like “VERY BENEFICIAL BREED DOG FOR THE HUMANITY”.


APBT is the breed dog of work for excellence, and even nowadays continue selecting by the values of the heart, balance, sociability, work, etc. and thanks to God is not selected it for the beauty, because if were selected for it, inevitably would lose in not many years all the values of the heart and we would speak of an extinguished breed, because APBT at the moment that stops for the have been created, the work, no longer will be A.P.B.T. Some of the Organisms that work with APBT in these works are: Connecticut K-9 Hearing (Colorado), Society Delta (Whashington), Therapy Dogs Internationals (New Jersey), Freedom Service Dogs (Colorado), Canine for Helpers the Handicaped (Pennsylvania), Arlington Humane Society (Texas), Assistance Dogs of America Inc. (Ohio), Canine for Companions Independence (Florida), etc.


Understanding this last, we would ask to all yours that when your listen to speak negatively of the noble American Pit Bull Terrier, or of any other breed dog, will be critics and objectives at the time of analyzing the news, because those that we understand a little dogs we know that yes exists dangerous dogs like individuals, independent of the breed that are and also we know that those poor dangerous dogs, that not breeds, have been the first victims of the human being to the received an ominous education on the part of their irresponsible owners and would be necessary to punish the irresponsible owner and not to the breed.




In order to understand why the APBT, the Rottweiler and a few breeds more have a bad unwarranted fame for some the citizens, we must consider that in Spain like in all the other countries, accidents of attacks of dogs to people exist. Concretely in Spain, an average of eight attacks of dogs to people daily. This average is not of nowadays, unfortunately comes happening does enough years, reason why it is necessary to implant a just, fast and effective legislation, to reduce to the average the maximum possible, with a Law that foments the owners RESPONSIBLES of dogs, indifferently if are of one or the other breed or mixed or the size of the animal.


After a month, 250 attacks of dogs to people take place in Spain approximately, and at the moment of social alarm around the dogs, if the mass media are only made echo of the attacks that produce the Rottweillers and of “the supposed” APBT without being it, a part of the citizens and with “mentality of holders”, they will think and they would affirm that only these two breed are those that always attack the human. Within the 250 attacks of dogs to people who take place in a month in Spain, all type of breeds, big breeds, medians, small exist and crossings of these, of which, the mass media do not become echo at the time of focusing the news of the attacks of dogs to people, by the fact, that these breeds or cross they do not entail disease, and therefore does not sell the viewer of TV.


Like dogs that are the APBT and Rottweillers, also have minimum of percentage of possibilities to attack people, everything will depend of the owners and on control that them has of his dog, as also dogs depend of the owners of another breeds when they attack, and we are first in to affirm, that if demonstrates non recovery in which to his socialization be refers with the human the animal that has attacked, would be necessary to put him to sleep, independently to the breed dog that belongs, but not seeing the animal like culprit, seeing him like one more victim of the human, by the ominous education and control received on the part of his irresponsible owner.


By this same we do not have to fall in the error to think that dangerous breeds of dogs exist, within “specie canine”, so that to believe it thus and by this same rule of three, we could think and also label like dangerous to some races of people within “species human”, by the fact, that exists some criminal like individual within his corresponding race, and I believe that you will be in agreement with us, that to think or to label of that way to a race of person because of some individual, will be a great barbarism. Then this great barbarism is what they are happening with the APBT and the Rottweillers and some breed dogs more.

This great barbarism and by the same rule of three, could be applied to the cars that circulate around the highways and freeways. If the irresponsible driver of a car of the mark Seat Ibiza, to put an example, runs over to a person and die, the mass media, neither nobody that are in his healthy judgment, would think them to throw the faults of the accident to the car, and less even, to fatten itself negatively in all the cars that are of the mark Seat Ibiza, because the unique person in charge and culprit of the death of the person, have been the IRRESPONSIBLE DRIVER and not the car. In this example, the cars will be the dogs like individuals, and the marks of the cars will be the different breed dogs. By the way, in terms of canine training, the handles or simply the person that take a dog for walk, denominate him driver.

In my opinion, this same example of the cars, comes very well at the time for looking the suitable and right and mainly effective solution, for legislating around the dogs. The Main directorate of Traffic in Spain (D.G.T.), has imposed the legislation and a norms the same to all the owners or drivers of vehicles, without considering if the vehicle cost more or less money, or if the car is of one or the other mark. The norms is equal for the driver of a Renault, that for the driver of a Seat, so that the irresponsible driver who leads a Renault, can cause a death, like the irresponsible conductor of a Seat.

This is the key under our modest opinion, so any type of legislation referring to the control of the dogs, is successful. Will be not must to make DIFFERENTIATION of breed dogs and all the norms that must carry out, will be imposed to all the breed dogs for equal, without cataloguing like Potentially Dangerous and of no other negative way to non breed, because thus by one side, WILL BE GIVE GREATER PROTECTION TO ALL THE DOGS of all breeds, or mixed dogs, and on the other side and more important WILL BE GIVE GREATER PROTECTION TO ALL THE CITIZENS. In addition, legislating in this way would be end to the SOCIAL ALARM and its ominous consequences of all type that the dogs and the citizens suffer.

Exists some Country, Communities and City councils pertaining to the European Union, which have created black lists of breed dogs, harming much and in different ways to these breed dogs, his owners, breeders and the animal lovers, it at the time motivated to the International APBT Federation to denounce it to the President of the Request Commission of the European Parliament, Don Romano Prodi, which, get to accept to step the request of the International Federation in sanctioning those Countries, Communities or member City councils of the European Union, which ready had created black lists cataloguing negatively to some breed dog, because these black lists are totally unconstitutional, undemocratic and racist, too are a VIOLATION, in all sense of the rights of the property of the citizen, in this case, of thousands of citizens pertaining to the European Union.

Example of Belgium, the fci and the Member States of the European Union: www.iadcro.com/datosportugal.htm


                 Mariano Peinado                                                                                                                  President of IADCRO  President of the FIAPBT

“The way to evaluate the degree of education of a town and a man, is the form how they deal with the animals".

Berthold Auerbach (German writer).        

 This same I would apply it of the following way, transferring it to the Presidents of Government, Prime Ministers, Ministers of Agriculture of those countries that contemplate the BSL or Laws that discriminate against some breed dogs against their dignity of life.

 “The way to evaluate the degree of education of the leaders and legislators of a country,, is the form how they deal with the animals". The education is not acquired in the universities, it is acquired of the parents and from the childhood.




The July 4th 2008 in IADCRO we inaugurated the International battle against the BSL across the globe! “UNITED WE STAND".  All together WE CAN. IADCRO´S WEB SITE                 

Petition to eliminate the BSL in any place of the world.

SIGN PLEASE, IS ONLY 4 SECONDS:  http://www.petitiononline.com/stopBSL    

This ONLINE PETITION OF SIGNATURES unifies all petitions towards those countries, cities or City councils that have implanted the BSL, so will be annulled. The BSL, does not correspond to the present times of modernity in which we lived, rather corresponds to the dark times of the average age.        ¡¡¡ Pass it on !!!       





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