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THE BEGINNING OF THE END OF THE BSL.      Contactanos -- Contact us 

The 4 July 2008 has been the day of the inauguration of the campaign of IADCRO against those countries that they have activates the BSL.

I have chosen this day by his meaning of Independence and Freedom, to transfer it to the not very distant Liberation of the BSL of our dogs, that I hope for, since the BSL robs the rights of the owners and imposes the worse sentence to our dogs, by to belong to one or the other breed.

With the passage of not long time, we will be able to verify if indeed the Governors, understand the meaning of 4, July day.


Our primary target is to eliminate completely the BSL, in all countries.

The word BSL (Breed Specific Legislation) means Specific Law only for concrete breeds. These breeds vary in great way of some countries to others. The BSL goes directed to make disappear to the breeds mentioned in this Legislation and quite cruel and death ways, thus immediately, under the presence of their impotent owners not being able to make nothing to help their considered companions one more of their family.

You think that come to rob or to kill to your faithful and noble companion to belong to a breed, is not important the breed, alleging that your dog is a dangerous, assassin and crazy breed. It seems surrealistic, Truth? Then this is happening frequently today and in different places.

Canine data: www.villaliberty.org/caninedata.html 

Never due to label to no breed as Dangerous or Potentially Dangerous by the simple one to belong to one or the other breed, since this unjust cataloguing is the worse sentence, the ruin and the extermination for any breed, that The Hague labelling of that way.

Once eliminated the BSL, the Laws that contemplate obligations to the owners of dogs, in honour to justice this Laws must go the same directed for all the owners of dog, be the breed that be.


The pressure the International can cause that it modifies until hardest of the existing Laws in any Country.

The pressure the International in addition, endorses and animates much to which they have created the National pressure, to continue with more force until securing the objective. This is my style to fight the BSL, exerting pressure to the Governments national and Internationally, a very particular style that has given me very good results, at the moment the 100% of victory and that nobody until this moment has put in practice.

The pressure the International must go directed of the following way:

1 -  Will be a big Union all animal lovers against the BSL

2 - Send emails to the direct people in charge to maintain the BSL active (Minister Agriculture, Prime minister, President of the Government, etc. etc.), showing your disturb to them for the BSL. Always due to deal with a very educated way so that your complaint secures the wished effect.

In the Web site of IADCRO, will appear the lists of the email to where you must direct your complaints. Web of IADCRO: www.iadcro.com

3 - Boycott. To choose our holidays place in those countries or places where the BSL does not exist. In this same sense, we will boycott everything what it comes from countries that they have activates the BSL until this will be eliminated. COUNTRIES WITH BSL THAT WE MUST BOYCOTT.

4 - To Pass It On about the Campaign of IADCRO informing about to your family, known and your contacts list, so that they sign the Request Online and they do what this in his hands to help in this right cause. A good way to run the voice is through sending to our contacts the IADCRO´S Web Site, in summary to them a little superficially of which this right cause consists, for this way trying to wake up his interest.

To help to Pass It On and to disclose the Campaign of IADCRO in all type of spheres does not fit doubt that is the work most important to realise by the members of IADCRO. The health and strength of the PRESSURE INTERNATIONAL depend on this work, that really is the one that ended with the BSL.

At the moment, I need that the IADCRO´S members and supporters by countries that have BSL, they send to me the directions mail of his politicians and mass media of his country.

Those mails of people or Governmental Institutions that you believe that they can be interesting to contact with them, also sends them please to me to: iadcro@iadcro.com After 4 of July 2008 I believe that we will are going to enjoy a good season enough, the battle did not finish until the BSL has not been eliminated completely. We do not have anything to lose and much that to win, Truth?

We do not have to be discouraged nor to decay in our illusion in being able to eliminate the BSL, this would take some time and the key of our success is going to depend on the patience and certainty that we apply in this ambitious project. Could seem that you are working alone, but in fact will be thousands of people around the world doing just like you, until secure the same objective.  FORCE my friend, you are not alone.

A very good way to inform to the people is to add the information of the campaign of IADCRO in forums of dogs, since the people who participate in them are very much indicated for united with us to this right cause.

I recommend to you visit the IADCRO in Facebook and you participate how member or like guest, since from this place we will coordinate the battle. The doubts that can arise to you, you can expose them in this place that in the possible brevity answered all. In IADCRO facebook, you would leave feel alone and you will know many people worldwide who are in yourself situation with their dogs.



For informing to the society, of the negative results in several aspects (bad treatments, death, abandonment’s, sacrifices to puppies and adults dogs, etc.etc.), as a result of the medieval racial discrimination, that are committing in the modern times of the present time, against poor dogs by the simple one to belong to some breeds dogs, that one ignorant man at the time catalogue in one Law like dangerous or potentially dangerous, will make wake up the interest by this right cause to many people.

This interest would generate the force that needs IADCRO, to be able to create the NATIONAL PRESSURE.

This NATIONAL PRESSURE, would be also created in all the other countries that have activates the BSL by means of the members of IADCRO and ALL THESE NATIONAL PRESSURES of the different countries under the IADCRO coordination, will make be born to the PRESSURE INTERNATIONAL, feared for the Governors.

The PRESSURE INTERNATIONAL at the same time, would feed and will fortify the NATIONAL PRESSURE.

The PRESSURE INTERNATIONAL directed under the indications of IADCRO, in more or less time would be the cause that the BSL of all the countries will be eliminated forever. No Governor wants to have a bad image with his citizens and less even a bad image of his country in the outside, by something so simple for them as have active the BSL. The Governors know that the bad image towards his country that was created by the IADCRO´S INTERNATIONAL PREASSURE will repel negatively in the economy of his country, a too high price for something so simple for them as is the BSL. The solution for the Governors once arrived the moment is simple, to annul the BSL.

5 - We will use our influences and everything that is in our hands, to help to the dogs and their owners of the countries where is activates the BSL, since they also helped us if someday our country made the decision to activate the BSL. Helping the others is the best form to help our dogs and us. TODAY FOR YOU AND TOMORROW FOR ME.

6 - When we find out that in some country they have activates the BSL, we will send an email to IADCRO denounced it, so that IADCRO takes the opportune measures. In that same email we offer the maximum possible information, detailing the following points:

@ In, which it affects that Law to the breeds and who are the breeds names that, affected and discriminated.

@ Send to IADCRO the email of the leaders of the denounced country (Minister Agriculture, Prime minister, President of the Government, etc. etc.).

@ Send to IADCRO the email of mass media of the denounced country.

@ Send to IADCRO the email of all those people or Institutions, that we include/understand that it could be interesting that IADCRO contacts with them.

7 - To set out ideas in the IADCRO forum, to coordinate to us and to fuse to us better and simultaneously to exert one better defence.

In my opinion, all this is easy and simple to realise, is only necessary to put good desire and force, which, provided us our dogs we fixedly watch when them at the eyes.

The past 4 of July 2008 we began a great battle against all countries that have BSL; USA, Australia, France, etc. etc. Little to little we want to eliminate the BSL in the world and we think that in 2 or 4 years this is possible. So that this is possible, we needed to you with us in IADCRO.

We don´t need money and donations nothing similar to it. For to become to IADCRO´S member is free for always. We need to you like member of IADCRO.

We need to you for to create the bigger International pressure BOYCOTTING among others things, those countries that have the BSL.

IADCRO need to you for win this battle. NOW YOU HAVE THE
For to become a IADCRO
´S members you must only send a email to iadcro@iadcro.com with your name, favourite breed and the country where you live, only that.

UNITED WE STAND". All Together with IADCRO the animals lovers of the WORLD, to fight against the unjust and abusive BSL, with no mattering to us what dog breed are affected. Yesterday were the dogs of England, Australia, France, Germany……..today are the dogs of USA, PORTUGAL, MEXICO but tomorrow can be the dogs in your country and your preferred breed can be also beaten and mistreated by an absurd and unjust Law. All together in IADCRO. Dont feel defenceless for that much abuse and come with us, all together for our dogs.

With IADCRO, is the first time in worldwide history, it´s form a great International alliance for the defence the rights of the dogs, his owners and breeders. Now you have the opportunity to make history by yourself, you do not wait to that others will tell it to you.

In this trip that began the past 4 of July 2008, I hope and desire that all absolutely all, we enjoy much working in this ambitious project observing patiently as the BSL of each countries falls of one in one.

Already we are many people that we are on board, Do you want to up on board to realise this trip with us? You are guest and you are welcome in the IADCRO trip companion. 


Are you going to just sit down while your best friend is being delivered and slaughtered???.


Mariano Peinado
IADCROS president:

“The way to evaluate the degree of education of a town and a man, is the form how they deal with the animals".


Berthold Auerbach (German writer).        


This same I would apply it of the following way, transferring it to the Presidents of Government, Prime Ministers, Ministers of Agriculture of those countries that contemplate the BSL or Laws that discriminate against some breed dogs against their dignity of life.


“The way to evaluate the degree of education of the leaders and legislators of a country,, is the form how they deal with the animals". The education is not acquired in the universities, it is acquired of the parents and from the childhood.



This ONLINE PETITION OF SIGNATURES unifies all petitions towards those countries, cities or City councils that have implanted the BSL, so will be annulled. The BSL, does not correspond to the present times of modernity in which we lived, rather corresponds to the dark times of the average age.        ¡¡¡ Pass it on !!!












In the FIRST IADCRO INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS about BSL, has been demonstrated scientifically the nonexistence of Dangerous or Potentially Dangerous breeds dogs. The SCIENTIFIC CONGRESS message has VALIDED for all the languages and all the countries.  http://www.iadcro.com/informationcongress.html


How can I help to defense the discriminations breed dogs by the BSL?    http://www.villaliberty.org/howcanido2.html




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Breed specific legislation failing globally:

VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQ9Te3A17LQ





IADCRO and the FIAPBT thank so much to all representatives, members and collaborators, for the important effort that they are doing in the diffusion of all related with the defense of the discriminated breed dogs and continue doing everything what are in his hands and within of his possibilities, to secure the objectives of this just cause, by many disadvantages that are in the way . The diffusion of the IADCRO information, is what it really gives the force to us to be able to press suitably to the Governments of the countries that contemplate the BSL and in this way, to be considered. Consequently to this last, we would have more possibilities so that the Law was annulled or modified according to our request, in right terms for the dogs of any breed or cross.


How can I help in this just cause, as is the defense of the dogs pertaining to certain breed dogs? http://www.villaliberty.org/howcanido2.html


We can spread, pass it on to all our contacts, to mass media, in public forums of Internet (dogs forums, animal, nature, human rights, etc.) and all the ways that we will can think to spread the more effectively possible the information that appears in the IADCRO Web site, to try to humbly secure to the collaboration and help that could contribute to us the fans and lovers of the animal rights. Without this collaboration and help, the situation will not allow us to acquire the force that we needed to secure the objective.


The information with that you can begin to spread would be by priorities. At the moment most urgent to spread is the Venezuela and Denmark information for being present, then that is the information with which it would begin to bomb in your diffusion, after this either the more calmly, would be taking more IADCRO  information always in the high-priority way the more in your opinion or criterion of each: http://www.iadcro.com/information.html


Some times, you would watch the cover of the IADCRO Web site www.iadcro.com  or FIAPBT www.fiapbt.net , since if they leave new alert would reflect in that place. Also we can watch in the section of the last news to acquire this information: http://www.villaliberty.org/ultimasnoticias.html  based on the priority that has this alert of help, is in the way that we would guide ourselves at the time of the diffusion help. I hope that with these slight knowledge, it serves to orient to all those that are showing interest in helping in this right cause and they do not know like doing it. However, any type of doubt, you can write to:


Mariano Peinado: iadcro@iadcro.com 


Iñaki Goya Delegations Coordinator: inakigoya@yahoo.es  


Thanks to all for being like you are, making good the proverb that says; “United we stand". Without your endorsement and help, this just cause we would have lost it since the beginning. Your not change never.


                             Mariano Peinado

              IADCRO: http://www.iadcro.com 




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               The FIAPBT as always, fighting to show the society the positive image of the breed.





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