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I inform to you about the First IADCRO International Congress Against the BSL that we are organizing, which will take place the next Saturday 13 of June, to the 17:00 hours. You will be able to acquire major information, in the next link:

Therefore, I have the honor to invite to you to come this First IADCRO International Congress, to vindicate the nonexistence of Dangerous or Potentially Dangerous breed dogs and the nonconvenience of discriminating cataloguing by Law against no breed dogs like Dangerous or Potentially Dangerous, like at the moment this becoming in Spain by means of the Spanish Law PPP and others countries with the BSL, since scientifically was demonstrated that any breed dog with this cataloguing does not exist. In IADCRO, we agree in which yes exist Potentially Dangerous dogs, but this negative cataloguing determines the bad character or the bad conduct to it towards the people who have some dogs like individuals, never by its breed. In the majority of the cases, this bad character or bad conduct comes dice by the bad education received from its irresponsible owners, or other factors, never for the Breed. Any accident that can commit the animal, will be responsibility of the irresponsible owner, not of the animal and much less of the breed to which it belongs.


To catalogue like Potentially Dangerous to an animal by its breed or its physical characteristics, is something ridiculous that nowadays no longer is maintained zootechnical, nor scientifically, since then by this same rule, also we would have to define with this unjust one and negative cataloguing to all the other breeds of dogs, even the breeds of small dogs, so by its physical characteristics, are enabled to kill a baby, since in fact it has happened in innumerable occasions (statistical) the babys are human also. Then, What we do? We catalogue by Law to all breeds of the society like Potentially Dangerous?


I believe that you will be in agreement with us, of whom would be unjust to define by Law with this unjust cataloguing some breeds yes and another breeds no. Those that we are within the canine world and know it, we know of the nonexistence of Potentially Dangerous Breeds, or all they are it or they are not it any. Since we have told in IADCRO, scientifically everything has been demonstrated that Dangerous or Potentially Dangerous breeds dogs do not exist, all will depend on the OWNER RESPONSIBILITY. However, he is peculiar to observe that they have defined by Law with this unjust cataloguing to only 8 breeds in Spain, of almost the 600 races that exist, Right? More peculiar, it even is to observe that many breeds exist that by their characteristics make physical them be more strength or more “Danger”, that the 8 breeds unjustly catalogued in the Spanish Law PPP, not being the names of these breeds catalogued within of this Law PPP. Which is the reason of all this without reason?  


Any Law about dogs or breeds dogs that want to be effective joust and, would have to walk in that way, forgotten to discriminate against 8 noble breeds and yes fomenting to the responsible owner indifferently the breed, mixed or size of the animal and the irresponsible owner, to punish it severely to give example when some of his dogs puts in danger the integrity of some person, by the irresponsibility uncontrol of his dogs. Several countries exist that already have modified their Laws under these parameters, after them to have during many years being more than demonstrated their complete inefficiency. The Laws of these countries, were similar to Spanish Law PPP, therefore is by this reason why the next 13 of June we are going to realise our VINDICATION, and we are not going to stop until securing the modification of the unjust and ineffective Spanish Law PPP, which incredibly continuous in Spain in the modern times of the present time. The Spanish Law PPP was realised quickly and running to only benefit the interests of the man that create it, originating social alarm and harming considerably the rest of the world canine in Spain, especially to the dogs and its responsible owners of some breed dogs.


The vindication of IADCRO of next the 13 of June, will come from the hand of the more indicated professionals and better qualified than they are possible to be found nowadays, in an act of a magnitude International without precedents in the history of Spain and so this represents the future for of the world of the dog in Spain, that comes without doubt by a unique way and that way happens through the URGENT MODIFICATION OF SPANISH LAW PPP, finally being a right Law, effective and for all the same with solid foundations, without discriminations of breed and this it is what will provide and as well it will guarantee totally the SECURITY TO THE CITIZENS and the dogs of the Spanish society.


Since this place, I wish give tribute to the eight noble and wonderful breed dogs badly catalogued like Potentially Dangerous, by so many injustices, abandonments, sacrifices, calamities and insults that have come suffering from the creation of Law PPP and that at present continue suffering after so many years ago, along with their impotent breeders, fans and owners responsibles:

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American Pit BulI Terrier, Staffordshire BulI Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Rottweiler, Dogo Argentino, Fila Brasileiro, Tosa Inu y Akita Inu.


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I hope to see all your in the Congress to support our vindication, which also is yours, for the benefit of all our dogs will be of the breed which they be.

    Mariano Peinado

President of IADCRO


Information of the First Congress the International of IADCRO:  


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