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The NEW WORLD ORDER to the BILDERBERG Charter, in nowadays of 2022? (new) 






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The members of the Club BILDERBERG is composed of about 150 people, of which 50% are made by permanent members (the Bilderberg´s founders), like the ROCKEFELLERS, the ROTHSCHILDS, the MORGANS, the ROYAL HOUSES (especially the British) and some derivatives of these; The UN, the NATO, the WHO, the INTERPOL, the UNESCO, the CIA, the FBI, the EU, the FMI, the World Bank and its branches like the European Central Bank (BCE), the National Banks, etc..


http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-8VwlAwyNq6Q/T14Wi7nvLAI/AAAAAAAAAug/DdzptSewuME/s1600/dollar-illuminati16_03.jpg  dollar-illuminati16_03[1]    Copia de Dollarnote_siegel_hq[1]  

Fue el Presidente norteamericano, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, francmasón del grado 32, quien ordenó que el sello fuese impreso en billetes norteamericanos de 1 dólar en 1933, 144 años después que el Congreso había aceptado este sello.It was the U.S. president, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 32nd degree Freemason, who ordered that the stamp was printed in American bills of $ 1 in 1933, 144 years after Congress had accepted this stamp. El sello simboliza que los Illuminati controlan Norteamérica, no importa quién sea el Presidente. The seal symbolizes that the Illuminati control America, no matter who is the President.

El año MDCCLXXVI en la pirámide representa 1776, cuando la Orden del Illuminati fue fundada, pero también cuando la República norteamericana fue proclamada.MDCCLXXVI year in the pyramid represents 1776, when the Order of the Illuminati was founded, but also when the American Republic was proclaimed.
La pirámide representa la conspiración para establecer un Gobierno Mundial , bajo el 'Ojo que todo lo ve' . 'Annuit Coeptis' quiere decir "Él ha asentido a (nuestros) los planes."The pyramid represents the conspiracy to establish a world government under the 'all seeing eye'. 'Annuit Coeptis' means' He nodded at (our) plans. "El “Novus Ordo Seclorum” significa " Nueva Orden Mundial ".The "Novus Ordo Seclorum" means "New World Order".


The Club BILDERBERG is comprised another 50% by the so-called rotating members, which are eventually captured by the Club BILDERBERG through private invitations from the  permanent members and them use them until are necesary to them, like if puppets and marionettes were treated for the benefit and interest of the permanent members. The reason for the interest of the permanent members to invite and engage the rotating members is because the rotating members for various reasons of occupation enjoy a excellent current professional status or popularity, not matter which be, since theirs jobs drag very much interesting masses of citizens (fans), which may be largely manipulated at the whim of permanent members like the stupid puppets through of the rotating members, with the clear and obvious objective to benefit ALWAYS the permanent members in the detriment of these and other large bodies of citizens spread across the planet.




Rotating members are, for example, the countries Presidents along with their respective European and U.S. Governments, bankers, large entrepreneurs, public officials responsible, the owners of most of the media, actors, singers, etc.., etc..

Needless to say, that their families, friends and friends of friends of all those nasty and stupid members or collaborators, equally are mostly beneficiaries and collaborate in a way or another in this evil role (although many of them do not even know that are inside of this evil role), which become also nasty and stupid partners of the Club BILDERBERG and their malicious plan.


THE 9 BILDERBERG FAMILIES: https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=es&tl=en&js=y&prev=_t&hl=es&ie=UTF-8&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.iadcro.com%2Flas9familias.html&edit-text=




These photography´s men (elements) are just some of the 75 most important sickly members fixed that composing the Club BILDERBERG. The ethics and The RIGHT indicates to the good people with empathy and good intentions, that we must to spread massively and report these individuals to the International society to know them publicly, to expose his plot New World Order is doing so much damage to the citizens of all countries of the World.


THE FEDERAL RESERVE (The crux of the matter) and the FALSE FLAGS



                        VIDEO: http://youtu.be/KX1QIzwA8k0



                     VIDEO: http://youtu.be/EJ--x4409cA



       VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hUA0S-BLUZ0


Usually once a year, meet all Club BILDERBERG members somewhere on the planet as privately as they can, to treat, debate, discuss and plan in the more strictest SECRET projects economics, political, socials and otherwise, provided they are for THEIR benefit and interest, no matter if it is OK or not, or the place or country where their projects are treated, this is not problem for them.  ex- miembros rotSome repentant Club BILDERBERG ex- rotating members  which obviously now no longer part of it on the grounds that NOTHING good for the citizens emerges inside the Club BILDERBERG, them have gave faith that those important issues that were treated, debated, discussed and planned in meetings that they attended within the Club BILDERBERG, later became reality just in more or less time to misfortune to the citizens, nature and the planet.


The Club BILDERBERG meeting in this 2013 will be held in the UK from 6 to 9 June: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=491759310889909&set=a.391005914298583.93002.202291729836670&type=1&theater 


Rockefeller Family: http://reality-bytes.hubpages.com/hub/Who-is-the-Rockefeller-family Rockefeller in 1994: http://wesmantoddshaw.hubpages.com/hub/David-Rockefellerhttp://wesmantoddshaw.hubpages.com/hub/David-Rockefeller     


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                   "El “Novus Ordo Seclorum” significa " Nueva Orden Mundial ".The "Novus Ordo Seclorum" means "New World Order".


By their words and their deeds you shall know them. We mean that we will not campaign for any political party, but yes we say that we will give our vote and support to that political party which promises to lift out Spain's Euro, get Spain out of the EU and go out to Spain with all related to the Club Bilderberg. That political party which promises these things and once they are running the country with the power, they can do better or worse do not doubt, but Spain once to have left the Euro, the EU and all related to the Club BILDERBERG, in addition to restore DIGNITY, PRIDE and SOVEREIGNTY like a country, the worst circumstances arrived under the new government but being outside with everything related with this gang of CORRUPT CRUEL Club BILDERBERG, as now we are right now, will certainly some far better than the best of circumstances that were to come under the mandate of the Club BILDERBERG, which is no other thing as we are in these times of social drama, foreclosures, suicides, privatizations, no health, no education, manipulation, lies and false expectations of life and coming day to day. Connoisseurs and expectations say that if do not make a political radical change in the opposite direction from which we go right now, we not have hit bottom yet as some believe, Spain go worse and worse, not knowing when hit bottom ....


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If the Prime Ministers of the EU as Club BILDERBERG rotating members, do not keep go out to their respective countries of the Euro, the EU and those related to the Club BILDERBERG, although really want to fix the social drama in which they wrapped and imposed on society today, it would not be possible for them, since as long as they continue in the role of the Club BILDERBERG, them will be used as puppets at the whim and interest by the fixed members of the Club BINDERBERG.


All these nasty rotating members or collaborators of the Club BILDERBERG, in order to preserve their great status, privileges and can continue to receive what robs to the citizens, in their majority will continue working mostly directly or indirectly with the powerful permanent members of the Club BILDERBERG, Rockefellers , Rothschilds, Morgans, real houses and with whom do lack, and in this bad way continue living beautifully, giving false hope and false expectations for the future and live, so the citizens resign themselves once and for all to his new life of slavery, making them believe that they are working to care and positive by and for the people, when in fact it is completely the opposite and if you doubt it, look around your environment and compare it with just a few years ago, very different for bad way, Right?


Copia de FACEBOOK para cabecero del mensaje The Other 98%,


Since the consolidation of the corrupt European Union (EU) and especially from the entrance of the currency Euro, everything has gone bad to worse for the citizens (the pyramid base) and better to much better for all who wrapped in one or another way in the blanket corrupt of the Club BILDERBERG, Coincidence? It's going to be NO. With so much political and media manipulation, many people think they've hit rock bottom in terms of negative circumstances "crisis" to the detriment of citizens, nothing is further from reality, if not cut to the chase with the "crisis " or better said with their scam, this has only just begun, the worst is yet to come.


Spain and each country by individual that considered independent and sovereign, should return to their respective national banks and come back projecting what were until very recently. In the case of Spain, with Bank of Spain (such as lifetime and as God intended). The loans requested within Spain, which are granted directly with Spanish money and since the Bank of Spain (doing it this way would all movements, steps, currency and interest rented in Spain and in the Spanish heritage) and not with virtual money since Spain is UE & Euro member. This virtual money does not even exist, they are doing believe us that them grant it to us from the European Central Bank or the World Bank, with interest an abusive and illegal money that in truth DO NOT EXIST, and thus in this way subtly STEAL very easily and the country's currency.


Like a dash of sci-fi and horror had been took, to say that the purpose of all this corrupt and disgusting role created by the Club BILDERBERG in International scope, is to continue developing the known NEW WORLD ORDER, where is intended that from a single government command to the world, with a single currency for all, and in this way to manipulate and control everything easier when enslave the lives of those who make up the pyramid base, citizens, their children and grandchildren to become servants of them and everything related to the Club BILDERBERG.


The WORLD citizens, we should not allow that 75 rogue sickly and his collaborators play capriciously with EVILNESS, CRUELTY without any kind of consideration for the lives of all living beings on the planet including the humans and Mother Nature including its natural resources, which provide the balance necessary to keep the LIFE in general.


The BILDERBERG people enjoy with the suffering of others. The BILDERBERG are RESPONSIBLE and SUBTLY CAUSE OF THE WARS IN THE WORLD, to sell their WEAPONS very well and secondly to SNATCH THE RICHES to the subtly conquered countries (such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, etc. etc. And now want perform subtly with SYRIA) and also enjoy with their macabre entertainment which is to observe the unfortunate consequences involved in such wars to mankind, especially the most vulnerable and helpless like are the children, the elderly, pregnant women, disabled physical and psychological, etc. Only evil, wicked and very sick minds can enjoy with the misfortune of others, making them that happen in one or another way by these unfortunate wars and other wide variety of subtly conflicts hidden to the public and always in the benefit of these 75 sick bastards and his collaborators.


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Veteran War MIKE PRYSNER along with a child victim of USA TERRORISTS. MIKE PRYSNER is publicly denouncing in video WHO ARE REALLY THE TERRORISTS in the world. VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sRoLJ--tagw&feature=youtu.be



KRISTEN MEGHAN is a dissident USA Army, which is publicly denouncing the TRUTH about the MASS MURDERS against citizens by guilt of CHEMTRAILS in a VIDEO in a conference the January 18, 2014. VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LvyIXw1-yuA&feature=youtu.be - http://www.iadcro.com/chemtrails2.html 


The BILDERBERG own the International FINANCIAL SYSTEM. The BILDERBERG are responsible for the LIVING system and EVICTIONS in nowadays. The BILDERBERG Group are responsible for the economic disaster that in most of the world is suffering. The BILDERBERG are the owners of most of the OIL COMPANIES and they prevent that will be open to the public other companies that have different energies than oil and BILDERBERG not control it.


The BILDERBERG are the owners of the PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES and those responsible for the decline of HEALTH to your benefit in different countries. The BILDERBERG are the responsible in the majority DRUG TRAFFICKING in the world. The BILDERBERG are the responsible in the ILLEGAL TRAFFICKING HUMAN ORGANS. The BILDERBERG are the responsible for most in the CHILDREN and ADULTS PROSTITUTION. The BILDERBERG Group are the responsible in the DEGENERATION OF FOOD for human consumption (MONSANTO and others) and the MASS POISONING to the population through various methods; Poisoning food, pharmaceutical poisoning and poisoning by the air by the called CHEMTRAILS, for to sell massively their pharmaceutical products among the population and to get rid of more elderly, in order to help defray the cost to keep them, stop paying their pensions and to seize their assets, homes, etc.


The Club BILDERBERG or BILDERBERG Group are the responsible for the decline in SOCIAL EDUCATION, the BILDERBERG and his collaborators want to hide the eyes and minds of the citizens through ignorance, to MANIPULATE them like puppets at will and profit. The BILDERBERG are those that are usually behind in most everything that generates a lot of money very dangerous and illegal way to humans and Mother Nature. They did it, they are doing it and they will do everything that are in their hands to get their way, giving great gifts and rewards in "B" to all those assisting them and help them to achieve their evil purposes , which by are doing it, are AS GUILTY or more that the BILDERBERG people.


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-  The cruel GENOCIDE that are doing the FALSE JEWS Israel leaders (ZIONIST AshkeNAZI BILDERBERG) against the PALESTINE citizens and to the citizens around the world doing believe them that this is a CRISIS when in fact it is their global SWINDLE, also with the FEDERAL RESERVE, with the FALSE FLAGS and with his NEW WORLD ORDER, etc., all this is the CRUX of the International MATTER, and you can see it below of the next link: http://www.iadcro.com/EASYANDQUICKUNDERSTANDING.html --  http://www.iadcro.com/STOPBILDERBERG.html -- http://www.iadcro.com/Jesuschrist.html


For these and many other reasons, to recover the SOCIAL WELFARE STOLEN is required NEEDED and URGENTLY by a SOCIAL SYSTEM CHANGE ALREADY!!! http://www.iadcro.com/cclubbilderberg3.html 





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- SOCIAL DISOBEDIENCE and GENERAL STRIKE INDEFINITE) Unions? http://www.iadcro.com/cclubbilderberg3.html


                  - 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 MALALA INGLES


      WAKE UP NOW!    YES WE CAN!    Y… ¿SI NOS LEVANTAMOS? And ... if we rise us?   TOGETHER WE CAN!




"If you do not doing assert your personal values ​​and your DIGNITY before anything else, then deservedly you are worthless.

Remorse of Conscience is what some police, politicians, bankers, big businessman, etc is which happens to them. and for that reason is why they are depressed, even some of them are being really bad moments because they are keeping in the WRONG side. Envision yourself FIREFIGHTERS than satisfied, happy and are pleased to have DIGNITY, because them help the needy and powerless citizens, the FIREFIGHTERS are on the RIGHT side. Will be the Karma? Surely ...

Everything is outside the RIGHT, is nonsense to justify the unjustifiable.

Those who remain neutral on what NOT RIGHT, they are on the NOT RIGHT side." (mp)






Those with money and even more their surplus are those who make the Club Bilderberg (75 people).

Having begun implementing its unjust and evil plan known as the New World Order, is the reason for the economic impoverishment of USA, EU countries, Canada, etc., For in this way and since the FINANCIAL POWER keep very well tied and subject to their whims UNFAIR, CRUEL and BLOODY to the respective governments, which have been impoverishment prior and intentionally to keep them well cojidos and to MANIPULATE them in whatever they please.


The latter is just what is happening in USA, Spain, Greece, Turkey and in most countries today since a few years ago, only that a few countries are more advanced than others in this painful and sad race, where those who control the oil and financial power (ie 75 people capricious and unscrupulous mentally ill), have imposed Internationally known and popular New World Order, no one in the world would have chosen them so they can get to do these things, or for representing the citizens USA, Spain or any other country in NONE subject.


                  Copia de - 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 INGLES GANDHI & LUTTER


However, they do what they please anywhere and the presidents of governments even knowing it very unfair and cruel of all that comes from this FINANCIAL GROUP (Club BILDERBERG), in order to preserve their privileges and status, are SUBMITED as lambs and OBEY them to the detriment of its citizens, BETRAYING them. Democracy????


The presidents of the countries (Obama, Merkel, Cameron, Hollande, Rajoy, etc.) And their respective government teams, to submit and obey the orders of this group of mental ill, lead to ruin and utter despair to their citizens, no matter at all the many consequences so dire that are experiencing in their own flesh millions of honest citizens. Make no mistake, U.S. citizens are the first to suffer BILDERBERG policies not only suffer in Spain or in other EU countries, since Obama is just the puppet most important of this BILDERBERG group, the which obeys blindly everything you send to the detriment of its citizens, yes yes to everything.


In summary, that in USA the economy is bad and the same that its allies, does not mean they are not dangerous, since they are under the command of a group of 75 people MENTALLY ILL with all the money in the world, putting at your disposal and providing ALL whatever it takes, money and means but not to help the citizens in their most basic needs not, they do it ONLY to play to his UNJUST, CRUEL and BLOODY game of MONOPOLY, playing happily and lightly neither more nor less than with the HUMANITY and MOTHER NATURE.


BILDERBERG Introduction: http://www.iadcro.com/cclubbilderberg.html


CHAPTERS (1, 2 y and 3 ) 3): 1 ) SOLUCIÓN a la “ DEUDA PÚBLICA ” ya la “ CRISIS ” ( Estafa ).

1) Solution to the "PUBLIC DEBT" and the "CRISIS" (Swindle or Scam). El Club BILDERBERG . The Club BILDERBERG.









Where is the DIGNITY of the person? When you lose your SOLIDARITY, your GOOD INTENT, your SINCERITY and your DIGNITY ... in that moment already you are NOBODY by so much wealth and influence that oneself possess.



The closest to the ISRAEL LEADERS, are many of the most important Club BILDERBERG fixed members (the ROTHSCHILD, the ROCKEFELLER, the MOSÉS, etc.), which HANDLED to his interest and benefit to his PUPPET without CONSCIENCE like are; OBAMA (USA), MERKEL (Germany), CAMERON (UK), HOLLANDE (FRANCE), RAJOY (SPAIN), etc., etc. The BILDERBERG subtly pull the strings of their PUPPETS from his different institutions, which in turn created to help them to get their evil, unjust and unworthy purposes against humanity, the mother nature and the planet itself. Some of these institutions are for example; The UN, NATO, WHO, the CIA, the FBI, the EU, INTERPOL, UNESCO, IMF, World Bank and its "branches" as the European Central Bank (ECB), National Banks, etc.






                     WE ARE ALL PALESTINE FREE!!!


-  The cruel GENOCIDE that are doing the FALSE JEWS Israel leaders (ZIONIST AshkeNAZI BILDERBERG) against the PALESTINE citizens and to the citizens around the world doing believe them that this is a CRISIS when in fact it is their global SWINDLE, also with the FEDERAL RESERVE, with the FALSE FLAGS and with his NEW WORLD ORDER, etc., all this is the CRUX of the International MATTER, and you can see it below of the next link: http://www.iadcro.com/EASYANDQUICKUNDERSTANDING.html --  http://www.iadcro.com/STOPBILDERBERG.html -- http://www.iadcro.com/Jesuschrist.html


2 LETTERS very little known and very interesting from Albert Einstein, talking about the PALESTINE GENOCIDE: http://www.iadcro.com/einsteinletterspalestine.html


In November 1952, after the Weizmann death, the first "Israel State" president, Einstein received the offer to succeed him in office, bid on behalf of Prime Minister Ben Gurion transmitted by Abba Eban, then Israeli ambassador in United States, in a letter dated November 17. The next day, Einstein rejected the proposal to be "Israel State" president. On 21 November of the same month, Einstein revealed the reason to the Ma'ariv newspaper director why he rejected the proposal: 'I thought about the difficult situation could arise if the Government or Parliament will take decisions that it could create a conflict with my CONSCIENCE; as the fact that one can´t really influence the course of events does not relieve you of MORAL responsibility '. (Albert Einstein)


Albert Einstein. PALESTINE; It's not a war, it is a GENOCIDE!!! The PALESTINIAN GENOCIDE is such a perverse reality, like the silent complicity of the governments and their media, which manipulate and hide the evidence. At present, the entire world is happening the same that PALESTINE and by guilt of THE SAME CORRUPT GENOCIDALS BILDERBERG, belonging to the Jewish Masonic sect called "B'Nai B'rit". It is not a crisis ... It is their SWINDLE!!! http://www.henrymakow.com/lucifers_chosen_people.html




We must be aware of something important, is that after the suffering of the palestinian citizens for harassment and GENOCIDE suffering because of the FALSE JEWS israel leaders (ZIONIST ASHKENAZI BILDERBERG), are the honest and TRUE JEWS that after of the palestinian citizens suffering the CRUEL and UNJUST policy of the small elite of the BILDERBERG FALSE JEWS because all citizens with Jewish religion are being unfairly blamed them because of the evils which performed worldwide the 75 permanent members of the Club BILDERBERG, FALSE JEWS, who have fooled everyone through their STOOGES (Obama, Cameron, Merkel, Hollande, Rajoy, etc.) and thanks to his FALSE FLAGS to develop their nefarious NEW WORLD ORDER.




               PALESTINE FREE - copia


EINSTEIN, MALCOM X, MANDELA and GHANDI, FROM UP THEY CONGRATULATE ALL US WITH A MERRY CHRISTMAS: https://www.facebook.com/271421886132/photos/a.451449941132.245086.271421886132/10152972057346133/?type=1&theater 



If you are agree with this information, pass it on around the world like wildfire to awaken minds. Do it with much LOVE by the FREEDOM and the TRUTH, do it for ALL the people around you, especially do it by yourself and your own CONSCIENCE!!! http://www.fiapbt.net/2013..html


SWEDEN becomes first EU country to recognize the PALESTINE State like a SOVEREIGN COUNTRY. CONGRATULATIONS SWEDEN!!!


2875842_Arafat_486554c_zpsca8be72d[1]The NOBEL PEACE Awards ARAFAT and MANDELA, as well as friends were also two extraordinary people with good intentions inside his heart, helping the neighbor and the needy people in distress.

Arafat the PALESTINIAN President, died in Paris due to radioactive polonium poisoning induced by the Israel leaders the November 11, 2004. By other way clarify, that the April 9, 1948, an ISRAELI organization detachment "IRGUN", led by Menachem Begin, invaded the Palestinian village of Deir Yassin and killed 254 Palestinian civilians including women and children. The horror of the event caused the exodus of tens of thousands of Palestinians and was born the "MIDDLE EAST CONFLICT" and more especially when the next month, specifically the May 14, 1948, the Jews proclaimed in ILLEGAL way themselves the State of Israel. SHAME!!!


Albert Einstein LETTER Nº 1, just to the next day of this slaughter from Deir Yassin, rejecting the Zionism and calling them "criminal and misleading people'': http://www.iadcro.com/einsteinletterspalestine.html


Albert Einstein LETTER Nº 2, also Hannah Arendt and other important personalities which while all Jews show their rejection and upset by the terrorist actions carried out by the Israeli government towards the Palestinians in a letter to the New York Times on December 2, 1948: http://www.iadcro.com/einsteinletterspalestine.html

The leaders who have been in charge to the ISRAEL village in the course of all its history till the nowadays, openly and publicly without any kind of modesty or shame declared monstrous and inhuman statements, which deeply damaged the ethics and morality of the VALUES of the person, the rights of Being human, the own HUMANITY and the Mother Nature, leaving the own HITLER beside them, like an apprentice of evil. Even in the Jesus times, the own Jesus told to the Jews in John 8:44 in the New Testament: "You are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do."

We should be conscious, about what they would think and do this kind of "people" when they did not say openly and publicly this kind of words. The Jewish leaders be considered themself a superior race like Hitler. Those who are not Jews, the Jewish leaders see them like beasts or such much like cattle. Reflecting on the latter, we can come to find quite clear and precise answers because in nowadays, be can get to make so UNJUSTLY and CRUELLY a GENOCIDE like they are being made right now the ISRAEL leaders (BILDERBERG) on PALESTINIANS and most countries of the world, although the latter in a more makeup and subtly through their New World Order, pretending to citizens that it is a CRISIS when in fact is, THEIR SCAM!!! A public debt impossible to be paid in addition to being completely ILLEGITIMATE, which aims to impoverish the citizens for to convert them in slaves of the BILDERBERG system and on the other hand, STEAL the NATIONAL HERITAGE when the country are selling in small portions, to supposedly pay the ILLEGITIMATE DEBT, WHICH IS IT IS WELL KNOWN THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO BE ABLE TO GET PAY FOR BEING A HUGE SWINDLE.



10454295_1528451227372617_615420182071989803_n[2] - copiaPALESTINE HISTORY




“Shalom (Ex ShinBet chief) shocked viewers. He called Israeli occupation no different from Nazi occupied Europe.” – Quote

For to can understand some issues that occur in the present time, we must look at and understand the history of the past, and in this way to can understand in a more appropriate manner, how being able to build a decent future for all habitants of the planet Earth, including the animals and Mother Nature of course; https://www.facebook.com/271421886132/photos/a.271426446132.189098.271421886132/10151426970041133/?type=1&theater

Those world, Jews or Israel citizens who are taken by good people, who are taken by SINCERE, who tell know the meaning in real life the words JUSTICE and FREEDOM, I ask them with much LOVE the next question directly to their CONSCIENCE:

What do you all think about the STEAL of PALESTINE land and about the Palestinians GENOCIDE that your leaders of Israel are doing, which were put in the power by your votes in elections????

The Conformist that turns a blind eye, allowing, consenting an INJUSTICE without doing anything to try to avoid it ... It is so guilty or more that who performs it!!!


In my opinion, the true God in one or other way as be displayed or named, is the opposite of violence. The true God is who is completely wrapped in everything about LOVE. The true God want and offers to us the humans, full FREEDOM to make our own DECISIONS in life, to experience the FREEDOM by ourselves and in this way to EVOLVE our "Self", our "Personality", our "Me" both for good and for bad, depending on our choices and the consequences thereof, thereby to EVOLVE until someday of the eternal life, we get come back home...


I do not believe in a God who sends go to steal the land from anyone, nor go to expel from their lands and nor go to kill anyone, as shown in chapters of the Pentateuch in the Christian Bible and the Torah. Even fewer that God will order to realize a human GENOCIDE like the Israel leaders are doing with the Palestinians in nowadays. All these circumstances, actually are to subtle chicanery of some humans but not by the true God. It rather corresponds to the tricks, the evil and the wickedness of some humans, to get their malicious purposes under a mediocre justification, which nobody with own judgment, common sense and a modicum of intelligence would come to believe it, unless that the human has handled since childhood as in the case of the Israel citizens.

I know that for hundreds of years, to the Israelis people educate (manipulated) since the childhood to be completely against the Palestinians, not even appreciate or even like human beings. Your, the Israeli citizens do not have to blame for the very poor upbringing of course not, but now you are adults people and aware of what is right and what is wrong, if you allow me, I ask you to stop a moment aside the teachings received from outside of your country System from Israel and you must concentrate in your "Self", in your "Personality" in your inner "Me", let yourself go and be guided by your intuition, for your CONSCIENCE for few minutes thinking about the answer to the question that I have you done previously on the basis of what is right and what is wrong ... The answer to the above question will be yours soon, coming it from the TRUTH and from the LOVE. From having your coming response within you and not what you instilled, you now have a great opportunity to DECIDE and to develop your inner "Me" and be yourself and not be the programmed puppets of nobody. You decide!!! 


To make this report I've adhered to common sense, honesty and be the more neutral than I have been able to expose my point of view to make this work with all my good intention. In honour to the truth and the right, I think we should not close our eyes to allow the evil and the injustice BE NORMALIZE within the society in which we live. Those who remain neutral on what is not CORRECT, they are on the side of what is not CORRECT.


I wish make clear that I do not come to this place to convince anyone, since I believe that to want to try to convince someone is not honest nor correct. I believe that to want to try convince anyone is equivalent to try to wanting to manipulate the thought of others, try to limit the freedom of the individual people to think and do what they wish and I believe that it is not correct. The right and ideal thing, is that everyone show their own judgment and make their own conclusions on any subject or matter that will come here and there and that DECIDE FREELY by their own truth and freedom.


After that, if we consider ourselves good people and with a minimum of DIGNITY, I think that we should make a deep reflection inside coming from the TRUTH and from our CONSCIENCE, to seek to provide in positive way according to RIGHT to our families, to our environment social and especially ourselves. In short, what is RIGHT do it and what not do not do it, it's very simple, we are not dumb to not know what is RIGHT and what is not. I believe that everyone create and runs their own destiny, based on their attitude and on the DECISIONS that is taking every day in their life. You decide!!!  ¡¡¡Force!!! I think that all your life you will remember this like the best decision you made in your life. ¡¡¡If you want, you will can!!! Good luck.


Mariano Peinado – FIAPBTIADCRO

Professional Military of the Spanish Army between 1981 and 1985, with the graduation of Cape 1st Artillery.

P.S. For more diverse information that you need, you can acquire in:


@ Within the content of the following videos and posts, you will find information, knowledge and enough tools to perform your own investigation, which in one or another way will help you later if you wish, to enjoy and to develop your inner cultivation brilliantly directed from your own AWARENESS, in positive way and from the RIGHT side for later to enjoy it all together on the outside.  Good luck and encouragement!!!


@ Are you LEGITIMATED to require the CORRUPT (politicians, bankers, businessmen, etc..) take what they STOLE (to give it to needy families and to take the houses that have STOLEN the corrupt bankers to be returned to its rightful owners) and be judged individually according to the crimes committed (to there by give EXAMPLE to society, and also show that there is JUSTICE) and target them in JAIL to meet the last day of his sentence without pardons? http://www.fiapbt.net/areyouentitled.html


"Those who are neutral with the NO CORRECT, they are in the NO CORRECT side." (m.p.) http://www.fiapbt.net/2013..html -- http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=529917727104533&set=a.109500235812953.16931.100002589311567&type=1&permPage=1 


"I am not ashamed to be SPANISH, no, I'm ashamed of the CORRUPT that represent SPAIN and the people Spanish will be Cops, Judges, Employers, Masons, Politicians, Housewives, Bankers, Carpenters etc., that even knowing it them ... They do not are doing the CORRECT!!!" (mp)




It is necessary to know who are really are behind the problem. IDENTIFY where is the root of social problems plaguing the citizens, for to know and understand what is going on in the environment of the elites, will be the way to unmask the multiple and diverse guilty of all kinds, in order to shed the scum who belongs to a breed corrupt and rotten and regain the stolen WELFARE.


In this life that we live, we have two great battles to try to win as will be us possible, for in this way would can DEBUG and CHANGE our lives and our environment in better way. One battle is inside and the other outside.


To say that the first of it even look simplest, of the two is the hardest battle and the same time the most important for our lives.

The second battle is on track to meet the CRUEL and UNFAIR BILDERBERG policies, as put already in place and in most world governments; http://www.iadcro.com/corruptsteachers.html -- http://www.iadcro.com/cclubbilderberg1.html


Each one must face the two battles individually, taking their own initiatives and decisions... FORCE and GOOD LUCK!!!





There is no doubt that without a radical CHANGE SOCIAL SYSTEM NEVER the SOCIAL WELFARE stolen will be recovered, but in honour to the truth we must also to say, that if no occurs a CHANGE INDIVIDUAL internal SYSTEM each one, NEVER will be possible a CHANGE SOCIAL SYSTEM awaited by all people of good intent, since the leaders of each country are actually the reflection of their own citizens.





BE or not to BE in the NOT CORRECT, THERE NOT EXIST EXCUSES! It's your decision! (m.p.)


- 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 INGLES ANONYMOUS - copia


* HELP the NEIGHBOR is the best way to HELP to YOURSELF, get LOVE and HAPPINESS in your life. VIDEO: http://youtu.be/QML7ixofoL0


Already the Mayan said so. A New ERA has right now Begun, the ERA of Justice, the Spirituality, the Love and The TRUTH, nothing and nobody would can stop it.


December 22, 2012, right now is the time for CHANGE. Now in 2015 a NEW ERA is borning... * And in 2015...


The VIDEO of the RIGHT, the AWARENESS, the LOVE and the TRUTH: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yXLq7TIBakM&feature=youtu.be


Jesus Christ said: The TRUTH will make you FREE (John 8:32) 


Just the TRUTH, is what the "church" complicit with the "state" powers have been hiding to the citizens since 2015 years ago. The "church" and the "state" powers, have denied and deprived to the citizens the freedom that Jesus Christ spoke. Both the majority of the "state" representatives like the majority of the "church" representatives, have been for 2015 years in mutual agreement to misrepresent the TRUTH, molding it to their interest and convenience ALWAYS at the expense of the powerless citizens, to get servitude (slavery) secured and rob them their few possessions. The TRUTH was concealed and in some cases converted into their half truths.


Term "Half Truths"; Circumstance that some, dastardly unfortunately often develop for their own benefit and interest, to try to make some lies in truth in the view of another people, to try to get convince them by something that interests them for some reason. I think the "Half-Truths" are even worse than lies.  A lie is a lie. However, the "Half Truth" is intended to make up a circumstance, for what the lies and falsehood accommodate great in the situation, with some credibility, as if it were a great truth without being, obviously to convenience and interest for the people who pass the "Half-Truth" without any values or scruples, with one exception, that of those who pass the "Half-Truth" simply by what they heard to others, which makes them sin of ignorants, without criteria own.


Jesus Christ was the first leader of the helpless, the poor and the OUTRAGED of our Era, being one of the reasons why he was unjustly arrested, and cruelly tortured to death (murdered) on the Cross by order of the "state", advised, encouraged and pushed these to do such atrocity by the leading by the "church" representatives, fearing a revolt of the OUTRAGED, most of them were Jesus Christ followers. Since then, anywhere, "state" and "church" in mutual agreement and complicity (Agreement secretly taken to Officiality between "state" and "church" at the Nicea Council), have been molding and channeling the religion to contain, convince and manipulate the citizens minds, to their own best interests, keep out on the way and a place well hidden for the citizens, the true teachings and message of the master Jesus Christ (the God son), teachings and message that fortunately in nowadays we can discover for ourselves in the videos below titled, AWAKENING.


AGREEMENT Nicea Council

Agreement secretly taken to Officiality anywhere between "state" and the "church" at the Nicea Council in 325 AD (Meeting similar to those conducted in secret in nowadays the Club BILDERBERG members). The Nicea Council was the first Ecumenical Council held by the Catholic Church with the head of state, Emperor Constantine I, to significantly modify the Bible´s Gospels, and significantly modify the true teachings and the true message of Jesus Christ to the understanding and citizens´ eyes. Once the agreement of the Nicea Council finished, the Bible´s Gospels, the true teachings and the true message of Jesus Christ were changed and reflected publicly for the benefit and interest of the "state" and the "church" and to the detriment of the FREEDOM and SOCIAL WELFARE of the citizens. The agreement of the Nicea Council was far away from the TRUTH. The citizens who continued with the Jesus Christ true teachings, they were persecuted, tortured, burned alive and killed over and over again for hundreds of years by the "state" and the "church", creating and spreading cruelty, fear, destruction, injustice and hate to the citizens, just the opposite of the true teachings and the true message that  Jesus Christ preached, all based in the LOVE. Currently not burn anyone at the bonfires, but there are other modern forms of "bonfires" little known and against the citizens, come these subtly by BILDERBERG and through their present tools, the "state", the "church", their partners and friends. These other forms of modern "bonfires" against citizens, which are no less evil and cruel than those of yesteryear…


A) It is curious and interesting to observe how the political "state" power and political "church" power in the present time, the similarity of execution is almost IDENTICAL to the political "state" power and political "church" power of the Jesus Christ times, even have been elapsed 2015 years. The two-way game that have used the governing politicians for 2015 years, using nice words, good sounding and very positive words to get convince (deceive) to the citizens, so that they obey blindly like puppets, SHEEP and without own criteria his unjust and cruel plans to snatch the SOCIAL WELFARE, has begun his clear decline since last December 22, 2012.


A clear example in where we will can see that the similarity implementation of both policies is virtually IDENTICAL in this game of two-way that perform "state" and "church" even though so many years have passed, is for example the Jesus Christ death (murder) and evictions (rob) of the homes of families that are made today:


- The politicians who run the country today backed by "the church", telling you;

"We have to evict (rob) your housing, the housing of your children and of your family, because we are restructuring, harmonizing and improving the Housing System", ie privatize for them the public (the public properties, the properties of all citizens) to support their friends the bankers and the owners of the big business, most all of them are members or accomplices Club BILDERBERG. To privatize for them the public (the public properties are the properties of all citizens), it's a robbery multiplied by four and at hand armed against country´s citizens.


- Representatives that govern the current "church" backed by the politicians, telling you;

"Jesus Christ died (murder) on the Cross willingly to forgive all our sins" But how awful!!! When in fact Jesus Christ was unjustly arrested, humiliated and cruelly tortured to death (murdered) on the Cross by order of the "state", advised, encouraged and pushed these to make such atrocity, by the heads of the "church".


The TRICK or reason for this unjust and cruel game of double meaning made by the ​​"state" and the "church", to confuse and entertain citizens to get away with it is to get to convince the citizens that themselves are the responsible and not them, the GUILTY of the Jesus Christ murder on the Cross and with the same arguments, after 2014 years also them make to the citizens to believe that they, the citizens themselves are the responsible or GUILTY and not them, of the millions of evictions (rob) that have been and continue to be made in the homes of families across the country, making that the householders and people feel as if they were the worst of this world (induce them to suicide, crime, physical and mental illness, etc..), when say to them that have robbed their homes by their IRRESPONSIBILITY, because they have lived beyond their means, when in fact the IRRESPONSABLES are they, the corrupt politicians, bankers, the owners of the big business, their families, partners, friends and accomplices, they are those who have lived beyond their means with everything they have stolen from one way or another way to the country´s families. CORRUPT people executed and did it, others allowed it, others helped it, others did blind eye and others benefited with it regardless of the origin or the consequences of stolen goods, leaving the country and their families in ruin, in misery ...

With this miserable, cruel and despicable TRICK, "state" and "church" are justified to continue impunity with the corruption, the falsehood, continue stealing, cheating and continue blaming the citizens of the political misdeeds - religious who have made and continue doing, to exonerate themselves of all responsibilities, ie, exempted themselves from all their dirty TRICKS that they did and those dirty TRICKS that are to come if no one stops them.


The curious and outrageous of this last concerning to the "church" "representatives", is that after what they did to Jesus Christ and many of his followers, have the shamelessness to proclaim themself Jesus Christ and Christians representatives. After what they did to Jesus Christ, after what they did and many of them still doing in nowadays to the citizens, after to continue hiding the TRUTH and deny the clear evidence of the teachings and the true message of the master Jesus Christ (the son God, etc.)., these elements only have capacity to represent the evil, the cruelty, the falsehood and the corruption like his accomplices the power of "state". If Jesus Christ were to be reincarnated in nowadays, he would do with all these liars and immoral "members" of the power of the "church" and "members" of the power of the "state", exactly the same like he did when he came to the Temple and found with merchants doing shady business in a sacred place, which violently expelled the merchants from the temple and the moneychangers throwing by soils cash tables, with the whip in his hand with attitude threatening and aggressive to those who were reluctant to leave the holy place.

Jesus Christ said to them, "Ye have become my Father's house, in a den of corrupt thieves" (John 2, 13-25)


Let see other examples of this two-way game that makes the "state":


The politicians who run the country in nowadays backed by the church, say to you;

"We must to cancel the scholarships of your children and cut back on education because we are restructuring, harmonizing and improving the Educational System", ie to privatize the Citizen Social Services for them, just to serve to those people with money, which in this moment are his new customers. To privatize for them the public (the public properties are the properties of all citizens), it's a robbery multiplied by four and at hand armed against country´s citizens.


Also they say you; "You have to wait until you die and you must to desist in doctors' offices and emergency department because we are restructuring, harmonizing and improving the Health System", ie to privatize the Citizen Social Services for them, just to serve to those people with money, which in this moment are his new customers. To privatize for them the public (the public properties are the properties of all citizens), it's a robbery multiplied by four and at hand armed against country´s citizens.


Also they say you; "We must to cancel your conditions and labor rights, or directly to rob your job, because we are restructuring, harmonizing and improving the labor system", ie to privatize the Citizen Social Services for them, and employ only their families, their friends and the people of their party politician. To privatize for them the public (the public properties are the properties of all citizens), it's a robbery multiplied by four and at hand armed against country´s citizens.


Also they say you; " "We are who we presume of the national flag and patriotism (nozzle), but you must know, that besides all the public money and the national currency that we have carried illegally to our enrichment and the enrichment to other countries in their tax havens out of our and your nation, when our politicians jobs end despite the enormous crisis, which gives us exactly the same is not important for us, we follow the trail and the teachings of our ancestors masters politicians and his henchmen, etc.., because we already had AGREEMENTS and made ​​it tied all the necessary wires with large companies, which were previously public but right now not, now are ours or of our friends thanks to the wiles of our ancestors teachers (Hydro, Phone, Health, Gas, Water, Education, etc..) to guarantee them more profit than they should have, because we have helped with unfair laws and regulations against consumer since our political jobs, our political jobs that we got thanks to your votes (to the detriment of consumers and the SOCIAL WELFARE detriment), and in this way when we go out of our politics jobs, already we having secured a super mega millionaire contract for to all our lives and the lives of our children, grandchildren and our grandchildren's grandchildren, a super contract that Messi, Ronaldo, etc., would like have one similar"


Many people in nowadays are robotic, are beat again and again by the usual people, are puppets without own criteria with attitude of headlines mentality, coming headlines of bad media (the media National more important) belonging to the gang of corrupt gulfs running the country and his friends, since which to get MANIPULATE at his interest and convenience the citizens´ attitude, where the demonstrated CORRUPT led them and have them controlled with all details their lives and the lives of their families, to their unjust and cruel whim and benefit since Social System CORRUPT, which also is demonstrated.


B) The two-way game that have used the "church" heads for 2015 years, in their unjust and cruel plans to snatch fully the SOCIAL WELFARE, using the faith and the religion to get convince (deceive) to the citizens, so that they obey blindly like puppets, SHEEP and without own criteria in everything that the "state" rulers and "church" rulers order to them, has begun his clear decline since last December 22, 2012. Some examples of this two-way game are:


Many representatives of the "church" say you; "Do not rob to get feed your children, because you will be condemned in the God eyes and you will go to hell." But on the other hand, these that sentence morally and spiritually with this kind of negative statements, rather than help others if they had a chance, many of these "representatives" of the "church", their church, if they had a chance will sexually abuse of one of your children, since much of them are confirmed like pedophiles. Later, many of these elements or "representatives" of the "church" justify their evil deeds by saying that Jesus Christ died on the cross to forgive their sins...

Many of these "church" representatives are accomplices or Club BILDERBERG members.


Also they say you; "Jesus Christ died on the cross willingly to forgive all our sins," But how awful!!! when in fact Jesus Christ was unjustly arrested, cruelly tortured and killed on the Cross by order of the "state", advised, encouraged and pushed these, by the highest representatives of the "church", to do such atrocity. And then, these immoral and harmful "members" of the "church" after what they did to Jesus Christ and many other people, have the shamelessness to proclaim themself representatives the Jesus Christ and the Christians? After what they did to Jesus Christ and what many of them are doing today with the good citizens, these elements only have the capacity to represent the evil, the cruelty and the corruption like his accomplices the "state" power. If Jesus Christ will be reincarnated in the times of today, he would doing with all these liars and immorals "members" of the power of the "church" and "members" of the power of the "state", exactly the same as he did when he came to the Temple and found with merchants doing shady business in a sacred place, that violently he expelled the merchants from the temple and the moneychangers throwing by soils cash tables, with the whip in his hand and threatening and aggressive to those who were reluctant to leave sanctum.

Jesus Christ said to them, "Ye have become my Father's house, in a den of corrupt thieves" (John 2, 13-25)


Also they say you; "You should help your neighbor when he is in distress and need." The "church" of many countries and their governments “state”, doing the blind eye on what interests them. They do not want to see such as the cruel and murderous extermination that Israel is carrying out with the Palestinian civilians and yet they are supporting everything it takes to do the looting that are doing all days perform countries led by BILDERBERG (especially USA, UK, Germany, Canada, France, all other puppets EU countries, etc.) in the natural resources that have many poor countries, with this kind of wealth is the only thing that have millions and millions of people in order to can survive, people from countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, etc. From the mass media that are controlled by BILDERBERG (all major media TV, Radio, etc.). Justifying these countries´ looting to face to public opinion with false flags such like the fight against terrorism among others, when in fact the terrorists are themselves, to sow the TERROR, the DESTRUCTION and the DEATH among civilians for to loot very well the country invaded in cruel and unfair way, especially to loot the oil and gas.

Representatives of the "church" and the power of the "state" instead of condemning and help so REAL as they should, in all that they possibly could to stop this human slaughter, silent mouths, in fact they are the BILDERBERG accomplices in the shade, they are the BILDERBERG PUPPETS, who consent, who allow, who help in the human slaughter consented.


Since here report to you, that the Club BILDERBERG most important members are from Israel. With the information that is collected here, some people could began to understand many issues that were incomprehensible to them so far, such as; Who are really the TERRORIST; Or why the Club BILDERBERG members want to develop their plan New World Order (NWO), so in this way, they will be able to create for their benefit a only one World Government; Or why of the impossibility of a peace agreement between the countries of Israel and Palestine. Israel neither wants nor wishes peace with Palestine, because wish to have a justification with false flag of fighting "Palestinian terrorism", thus able to completely exterminate Palestine and appropriate fully of the few National Palestine places that Israel even have not stolen them, with the PATHETIC and IRRATIONAL complacency of the politicians who run other countries, which, in order to retain their great status and privileges granted by BILDERBERG, without scruples or ethics like puppets dancing to the tune of BILDERBERG.


-  The cruel GENOCIDE that are doing the FALSE JEWS Israel leaders (ZIONIST AshkeNAZI BILDERBERG) against the PALESTINE citizens and to the citizens around the world doing believe them that this is a CRISIS when in fact it is their global SWINDLE, also with the FEDERAL RESERVE, with the FALSE FLAGS and with his NEW WORLD ORDER, etc., all this is the CRUX of the International MATTER, and you can see it below of the next link: http://www.iadcro.com/EASYANDQUICKUNDERSTANDING.html --  http://www.iadcro.com/STOPBILDERBERG.html -- http://www.iadcro.com/Jesuschrist.html


NOT to the DESHUMANIZATION!!! SHAME!!! http://www.iadcro.com/nottothedeshumanization.html


The Pope Francisco, like the most important representative of the current Catholic church, could be an exception to all the above, we hope so, we'll see if they let to him... 


- by a SOCIAL SYSTEM CHANGE ALREADY!!! http://www.iadcro.com/cclubbilderberg3.html  


@ WHEN LOVE IS SACRED: http://youtu.be/iLzEtpPCppc



"When you begin to understand THE LAW OF ATTRACTION, you will know that you are the creator of your reality.

The Universe forces respond to the thoughts that you put in action. For every negative thought that comes to my mind I say: Get out!

To no person, to no place and in none circumstances I allow that have power in negative in me, because in my life I'm the one who makes the decisions and I´m who can control my mind in the direction that I wish, guide me with the indicate to brings my AWARENESS to not get out of my RIGHT side. I think in positive way, therefore I create my own reality in positive way, enjoying it every day along with all my loved ones, helping others within my means." (m.p.)




@ LAW OF ATTRACTION / THE SECRET. FILM: CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD (Full Movie – Factual): http://youtu.be/Te5VU9zf5Gk


@ ATTRACTION LAW - Using the SECRET by WILL SMITH: http://youtu.be/9uc3W8PcCMc


@ 11 Simple steps to help you to use the SECRET: http://youtu.be/9kRINiKO5KQ


@ THE SECRET LAW OF ATTRACTION (Full Movie – Factual): http://youtu.be/LzvnYCKRLsw



AWAKENING 1: You already exist: http://youtu.be/cWm_XAy8Oqc Open your eyes and your heart…


AWAKENING 2: 10 signs of a spiritual awakening: http://youtu.be/lju7g5TlCUY


AWAKENING 3: Awakening Signs: http://youtu.be/Ldo1InK1KLw


AWAKENING 4: LIGHT WORKERS: http://youtu.be/UrQaeoXrVOg


AWAKENING 5: WELCOME TO THE NEW ERA: http://youtu.be/86ICImtqywA


AWAKENING 6: Translation the original OUR FATHER of Jesus in Aramaic without the church interference: http://youtu.be/do5B6Gsckw4 The difference is huge!!!


AWAKENING 7: The Thomas Gospel HIDDEN to the public by the church: http://youtu.be/X_efMdUfky8 Open your mind and your heart…


AWAKENING 8: The Mary Magdalene Gospel HIDDEN to the public by the church: http://youtu.be/5-3MlnCS7ZU Stop DISCRIMINATION, against racist, against the weak and women!!!


AWAKENING 9: Jesus' life during the many years of his life that the church, Hidden us! - How Jesus became Christ:

Part 1 - http://youtu.be/ybLxayl8JeI Part 2 - http://youtu.be/GT6-e24sAlQ Open your mind and your heart...


AWAKENING 10: JESUS = BUDA = JESUS: http://youtu.be/iigd19M0tcI


Jesus Christ the God son said: "Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me (Whoever believes in his teachings), the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto the Father." (John 14:12)

Jesus Christ knew he would die soon and when he said  "I go unto the Father" was his way to say that he will go to returning to the Source, to the Divine Energy, the Universe, to God or how we want to call it. With these words, Jesus Christ made ​​it clear that it was very important to him, who those were listening him could understand themselves that if they wished it, could become like him and at the end of their lives also return to the Father.


SCIENTIFICALLY proven the many positive effects on humanity exercised since The MEDITATION.

How to MEDITATE in the right way? Change you yourself!!! VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AY_JmOtTfx8&feature=youtu.be


Retrieving the TRUST and the FAITH in the HUMANITY http://www.iadcro.com/retrievingfaith.html




               CORRUPT TEACHERS http://www.iadcro.com/corruptsteachers.html  


                           MASS KILLING http://www.iadcro.com/chemtrails2.html



CAUTION WITH MEDIA, ARE THE CORRUPT TOOLS (Manipulate the citizens minds)


"Are crazy the people? No, the people are MANIPULATED ". (José Luis Sampedro)


"Who imposed hide the TRUTH, clearly demonstrates be GUILTY to a greater or lesser degree. No matter who likes it or not, it can not hide or stop the TRUTH. At the moment we are in a different era that the CORRUPT not known it, therefore do nothing but groping. "(mp)


"You can fool some all the time and all people some time, but you can not fool all the people all the time." (Abraham Lincoln)


"We can not allow that the CORRUPTION be normalize." (Ada Colau)


"The TRUTH is the best food for the MIND, HEART, SOUL and the CONSCIOUSNESS. The TRUTH must unmask and embarrass the FALSE." (m.p.)





Many media are the tools for brainwashing of society that have the powerful CORRUPT, ALWAYS at the expense of The TRUTH and the citizens FREEDOM.


The 10 Strategies of Media Manipulation by Noam Chomsky: http://theinternationalcoalition.blogspot.com.es/2011/07/noam-chomsky-top-10-media-manipulation_08.html


But is that people DO NOT see what political power and financial power are doing to them?

Like the Club BILDERBERG directs and manipulates from behind the scenes to their own major world events that most interest for them are, the political power and the financial power of each respective country, are those equally who run and handled one or another way since the shadow to the media in theirs respective countries, through them they are served at their convenience to manipulate the citizens  minds, making up to perfection and interest everything that is happening in the scene today, keeping deceived a large part of society, trying in this way that them do NOT wake up from their slumber to ensure continued power and continue to hold like slaves to the citizens, for to rob them cruelly at ease without which neither they nor anyone else can stop.


“First they ignore to you, later they smile of you, after they attack to you, then you win .(Ghandi)

“A revolution with not violence is not a program for the taking of the power. It is a program for the transformation of the relations, of way like is ended at a pacific transference of the power.” (Ghandi)


“In honour to the TRUTH to say, that lying and all that surrounds falsehood can prevail in a while, perhaps a long time, but NEVER FOREVER. The world need a lot good intentions, much LOVE and much TRUTH.” (m.p.)

"THE TRUTH will make you FREE, holds and resists in THE TRUTH, with that is more than sufficient." (Mother Abigail)

"To enjoy the Peace with The TRUTH, doing the Right and with Justicie, according indicate and guide to you, your Awareness and Soul." (m.p.)

"Know the TRUTH = FREEDOM ... Feeling FREEDOM = HAPPINESS! ... Every day is an opportunity to be freer and happier than the before day. Each new day is a gift from the UNIVERSE ENERGY... a Present!" (Anonymous)

-  The cruel GENOCIDE that are doing the FALSE JEWS Israel leaders (ZIONIST AshkeNAZI BILDERBERG) against the PALESTINE citizens and to the citizens around the world doing believe them that this is a CRISIS when in fact it is their global SWINDLE, also with the FEDERAL RESERVE, with the FALSE FLAGS and with his NEW WORLD ORDER, etc., all this is the CRUX of the International MATTER, and you can see it below of the next link: http://www.iadcro.com/EASYANDQUICKUNDERSTANDING.html --  http://www.iadcro.com/STOPBILDERBERG.html -- http://www.iadcro.com/Jesuschrist.html


-  NICAEA COUNCIL I, the last days of the bigest SWINDLE in all the history of mankind: http://www.iadcro.com/nicaea.html -- http://www.iadcro.com/nicea.html



If you are agree with this information, pass it on around the world like wildfire to awaken minds. Do it for yourself, do it for ALL!!!