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Subject: Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) “Dangerous” breed dogs in Romania.


For the attention to: The Right Honorable Basescu Traian President of Romania.


My name is Mariano Peinado and for me is a great honor to contact with you if you allow it to me. I am writing to you from Madrid, so please forgive any unintentional errors for my bad English. I love Romania so much, beautiful Country and beautiful people, I have so many Romania.friends.


I have the honour to be the president of the INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR DEFENCE CANINE AND HIS RESPONSIBLE OWNERS (IADCRO) and the FIAPBT. For me is a great honour to write to you in the name of all FIAPBT & IADCRO´S Members and the animal rights lovers distributed around the world which endorse our work. I send you this information for your amiable consideration.


Located in Madrid the IADCRO currently is composed by 37 Countries Members. Our goal is mutual despite the global barriers; to end any type of mistreat animal and to rid the public of dangerous irresponsible dog owners, independent of their breed.


In IADCRO we are people with more of 40 years inside of dogs and IADCRO is composing by professional technicians around the dog like for example; ethology scientists people, naturalistic, veterinary, university professors specialized in genetics, breeders, trainers, biologists, etc.




The reason to communicate with you, is for to give you and your executive team some suggestions if you allow us, of course, we would tell you that in our humble opinion about the breeds dogs banned in Romania, the American Pit Bull Terrier, Boerbull and Bandog, showing to us their malaise and preoccupation by their doggies which are considered member of their own families same people of your country.


The information that I come to provide to you, comes from several professional sectors of the canine union of several countries, that show their opinion under the experience acquired in the course of theirs lives, about the existence or not existence of “Dangerous or Potentially Dangerous” breed dogs. The professionals more remarkable than guarantee this information, are those that are more than enabled to advise to the executive, with respect to the existence or not of Dangerous or Potentially Dangerous breed dogs and it has not considered to them to advise, I talk about the information that the ethology scientists people provide to us. The ethology scientists people, are the scientific professionals more indicated and better qualified to talk and to advise about the American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT) and the others breed dogs, since they have studied during many years the character and behavior of the APBT and its surroundings.


Ethology is the science that studies the behavior of the free animal and, when it does with domestic animals (as it is the case of the dog) realises it since the approach of applied Ethology. Several ethology scientists people of different countries, have declared publicly from point of view scientific, that none breed dog are not a dangerous, nor the American Pit Bull Terrier for being the worse breed dog considered between the rest of breed dogs, is not either a dangerous breed dog, is a breed dog like any other within species canine and that everything will depend by all means for the dog will be dangerous or no, on the surroundings in which it grows up, and on the education that received by its owner, unique person in charge of the damages who could make his animal, like the father is it with his minor son. Also the ethology scientists people emphasize, the nonconvenience of classifying or of cataloguing breed dogs in negative way, so that it goes to the detriment of this marvellous and noble breed dogs and it confused to the citizens, to the point to even cause an unwarranted social alarm, quite harmful in several aspects for the own society.


In the FIRST INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF IADCRO, it has been demonstrated scientifically by the ethology scientists, the nonexistence of Dangerous or Potentially Dangerous breed dogs.


Association for the Study of the Dog and its Surroundings (AEPE)


Mr. Antonio Pozuelos President (AEPE) and one of the higher recognized ethology scientist people of international scope, In our opinion he is the most recognized, not only by the knowledge and experience that owns in almost the 40 years studying the dogs daily of all breed dogs, also by his human quality.


In order to resist the information that I make arrive to you, your Government team also can contact with infinity of ethology scientists people through the following electronic direction:


I have provided our research data on the bite stats for several Cities and countries further in this correspondence, because is good idea for to open eyes to incredulous and sceptical people, so we think that would be a good idea that would not be to discriminate and to catalogue breed dogs like Dangerous or Potentially Dangerous, only would should be to describe in the Law to the Potentially Dangerous dog like individual and by his activities of behavior, independently the size without giving importance if the dog is of one or the other breed dog or mixed dog. Also we think that would be a good idea to describe in the Law to the owner irresponsible of dog, for this way fomenting and teaching to be good responsible owners of dog and to describe in the Law too, the activities realised with dogs contemplated like crime, like for example it could be the organized fights with dogs or other activities in which mistreats or the life of the dog is put in risk.

Our thinking is that all breeds can be dangerous or none, that the only means to identify what is or is not a dangerous dog like individual is by his behaviour and not by his breed.


STATISTICS OF SEVERAL COUNTRIES (referring to the attacks of dog to people):


Some countries that had adopted negative Laws against American Pit Bull Terrier and others breed dogs, but since many years ago and not of now, concretely since the year 1991 as it is the case of England, in 1993 the case of Holland, Italy, Bermuda, etc. After to have studied the Governments of this Countries the information that from IADCRO we made them arrive at the same time and, to the salary verified by their own eyes the inefficiency of this type of Laws that criminalizes and excludes American Pit Bull Terrier and others breed dogs of their corresponding countries, included/understood the total inefficiency of the Law when not offering security to their citizens, since the statistics of attacks of dogs to people of his country indicated that not only it had not been reduced the attacks, quite the opposite, had been increased the attacks and the deaths although to have excluded American Pit Bull Terrier and the others breed dogs of all their national territory, since the attacks were produced by dogs of any breed dogs and its mixed.


The governors of these countries, understood the necessity of the creation of a Law that did not name “Dangerous or Potentially Dangerous” breed and the correct way is foment and teach to be a RESPONSIBLE dog owner, without mattering if them were American Pit Bull Terrier owners or a Cocker owners, because a Cocker into the hands of an IRRESPONSIBLE owner, also can bring about deaths of people, not only by accidents of traffic when trying to run over to the animal, also by the mortal bit that can cause these dogs of small size to young children, which although are young are people also as all we know.


We are very glad when we can read in the news that the Government of these Countries told in public that the BSL don´t work and is not good for the security of the citizens:

1 - Annulled the Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) Dangerous breed dogs” by its inefficiency in Holland, after to have developed it from 1993:  


I give to your executive team all the papers regarding Pit Bull Law Holland.

The Report of the Committee of Wise led to the amendment of the law. This report was an investigation into the actual number of breeds of dog bite incidents. It was clear that the American Pit bull Terrier is not in the top 3.

I send you the links so you these documents in your possession. Here you can find all documents that led to the creation of legislation and the abolition. These are all Parliamentary documents of the Dutch State:

The report which led to the amendment of the Law can be found here Pitbull "Dog Bites in better perspective:


Also I would like you to give the link to the movie channel at youtube:  


In that video you can find the movies from the first American Pit Bull Terrier shows in the Holland after the end of the American Pit Bull Terrier law. Also you can find to movies from the demonstration against the law en the fight for getting the dogs back by there owners, and the terrible things that they did with our dogs.


2 - Annulled the Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) Dangerous breed dogs” by its inefficiency in Italy: 


3 - Annulled the Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) Dangerous breed dogs” by its inefficiency in Bermuda:


 “To rectify it is of wise people” and this attitude, the citizens values it and is thankful for it.


England pioneering country in this type of Laws against some breed dogs, has been seen the great error that has realized in the year 1991 when have banned the APBT and other four breed dogs. At the moment of the present time, England very soon will go to rectify that ineffective Law of 1991, after 19 years of experience with an ineffective Law that has remarkably harmed the security of its citizens.  


In Spain and Colombia, has also rectified their Laws after to take our recommendations, when the Government of this Countries has been decided to ban in the first moment the American Pit Bull Terrier. As with Holland, Italy and the Bermudas Governments, they have through years of failure to reduce dog related injuries, finally come to the understanding that banning by breed will not provide a safer public. This is an ownership issue not a breed issue.


The breed dogs does not make bad dogs, is the people (Irresponsible and bad owners) that make it that way. Then the problem, We think would be due to take a cut from the root, condemning to the irresponsible owners of dog, instead of condemning some breed dogs.


The people that are banned the American Pit Bull Terrier, Boerbull and Bandog, in all the territory of Romania, when happened a time under this prohibit Law and by their own experience verify that the attacks of dogs to people instead to be reduced the real thing is that the attacks of dogs to people were increased, by the ineffective of this Law, then What do they will do? Be eliminating more breed dogs one in one until reaching more that the 400 existing breed dogs and that are equipped with a physically strength even to kill an adult and strong man? And with the crossings of all these 400 breed dogs, What do they will do? so that the crossings of these more 400 breed dogs also are more than enabled even to physically to kill an adult and strong man. We know that it is a difficult question.


And with almost of the 200 breed dogs that although are not enabled to physically to kill an adult and strong man, they are enabled for kill of small children, What are going to make then with these almost 200 small breed dogs, would eliminate also them one in one? And its crossings? We know that it is a difficult question too. The small children are people also, in addition they are those that more undergo the attacks of the dogs and those that pass away more in these unfortunate accidents, which by the way are not American Pit Bull Terrier or Boerbull and Bandog, but so that the news runs as the powder and is saleable for the hearing, one names almost always to that three breed dogs as the cause of the attack to people, and this is not true. Therefore, enough people think that only this three breed dogs is the cause of the attacks to the people


The honourable people that are banned these three noble breed dogs in Romania, would have to know that strength or size of a dog is not synonymous of aggressiveness. We would not have to play to being God, for to decide what breed dogs must live and which to disappear or to die. This would not have to be thus, of course that not. Please excuse me for write this words.




Not only attacks three breed dogs, attack all the breed dogs and their crossings if they are in irresponsible hands. Or all the breed dogs and their crossings are dangerous or none. In IADCRO we thought that no breed dog is dangerous or potentially dangerous. We think that the cause for the dogs attack the human, everything is going to depend on the control, education and responsibility that offers the owner to his dog and is in this indeed, where the Law must thoroughly have applied. These three breed dogs, which indeed the are being used to realise all type of social workings for benefit of the humanity, like for example:




Therapy Attended Physical and Psychic Handicappeds using American PIT BULL Terrier.


By the all this the International American Pit Bull Terrier Federation (FIAPBT), Officially Certificated in the year 2000 to the breed dog American Pit Bull Terrier, like “HUMANITY BENEFICIAL BREED DOG”. From IADCRO & FIAPBT and others Institutions, Clubs, Associations around the dogs, we endorsed and we supported this positive cataloguing without doubt to the breed dog American Pit Bull Terrier, for being deserving of her and to be the worst breed dog considerate of all breed dogs in this subject.

To remember that the dogs have been always from the beginnings of the humanity, the best friend of the man, facilitating to us company, security and food for can to eat day to day for our survival.


We can observe, that in some countries where some breed dogs were catalogued like “Potentially Dangerous”, the attacks of dogs to people with the spend of the years after to be implanted the Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) “Dangerous” breed dogs the attacks of dogs to people not only did not fall, unfortunately were increased and by breed dogs that are not considered " Dangerous", as always it had been ocurred. Of it has comes the disappointment from many ex-owners of dogs in owning dogs, when they at the time acquired dogs of breeds catalogued like very good and helpful, used even like dogs for blind people, like they are the Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever, Collie, etc. and could verify in his own meats, that these dogs educated incorrectly were very dangerous with the adult and young people. For this reason from IADCRO we suggest, that the Law would not must to discriminate breeds dogs and yes, would be needed to foment and teaching to be a responsible owner of dog, indifferently the breed that the Romania dog owners have.


Acting in this sens Right Honorable Basescu Traian, in our opinion will be able to offer a greater protection to the citizens and at the same time, also a greater protection to the dogs would be provided.


All FIAPBT & IADCRO´S Members and the animal rights lovers distributed around the world and endorse our work, we would be very much thankful to you if you would can considered our information of this letter, for that the American Pit Bull Terrier, Boerbull and Bandog stops being prohibited in your country. But yes, describing in the Law to the Dangerous dogs but always like individual one and by his activities of behavior and not by its breed, giving importance to teach and fomenting to the RESPONSIBLE owner in the Law and not give importance to the size, the breed or the mestization and since that moment, the Law would begin to be effective and giving security for the citizens. The Law instead of to be called Breed Specific Legislation (BSL), would pass to denominate Dog Specific Legislation (DSL).

Best kind of regards.

Mariano Peinado

President of IADCRO & FIAPBT  


Additional information:     


- In the next Link contains studies of the effects that prohibitive laws have on the population concerning, and it contains documents with guidelines to the legislators, so they can legislate in a fare way. It was proven by NAIA that every time that people get restrictions about dog ownership, the society becomes more vulnerable and feels more unsafe.